Saturday, December 26, 2015

The last Supermoon in #2015

In a very rare occasion, we had a Supermoon with Christmas and it was amazing. I read that it does not happen except ever thre decades so I guess we were lucky.
DSC00921 (2)
The last supermoon in 2015 

This is the last supermoon in 2015.
DSC00929 (2)
And the first supermoon during Christmas in 3 decades

I took those couple of photos in my house in Giza.

The sky looked amazing in those couple of nights and surprisingly I saw many stars, we are not used seeing in the heart of the city.
I kept trying to snap shots in the cold night for the stars, but I failed.
Nevertheless, I learned good couple things in stars photography from my bad photos.
We had a lucky year when it comes to celestial photography with bluemoon as well the not-so-red moon in addition to solar eclipse

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