Sunday, December 27, 2015

700 days and counting for Mahmoud Mohamed

On Saturday, student and political Mahmoud Mohamed completed his 700th day in detention anniversary of 25 January revolution in 2014.
pending investigation after his arrest by security forces during the third
According to his family and Egyptian political as well human rights activists, he was arrested because he was wearing a t-shirt that says "A nation without torture".
The ministry of interior says that he was arrested among others while they were attempting to riot.
Mahmoud Mohamed says that he was tortured during the first days of his arrest.
Here is a video in Arabic with English subtitles about the boy who has completed 700th days in detention pending investigation where Egyptian politicians and activists demand the release of Mahmoud.

Release Mahmoud Mohamed
On Sunday, the court will issue its ruling whether to release him hopefully or renew his detention pending investigation. I hope he will join Esraa El-Taweel inshallah.

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