Saturday, January 9, 2016

And the new Season of the Egyptian parliament is kicking off !!

After few hours from now, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will inaugurate the first session of the Egyptian parliament aka House of Representatives in Cairo. It turned out that the president did not inaugurate it , this was the procedural inauguration of the House of Representatives
Getting ready for action "Reuters" 

The 596 MPs "568 elected and 28 appointed by the President" will elect the Speaker of the parliament and his undersecretaries in the session.
There have been a lot of speculations about who will become the House of Representatives speaker.
Former interim President and current head of Supreme Constitution court Adly Mansour seemed to be the Presidency candidate but he refused because there would be a conflict of interest if he became the House of Representatives speaker.
After all, how he would lead a discussion about a law he issued during his presidency !?
Now as Mansour is not an option, another name is expected to be elected as the Parliament speaker and that name is Serry Siam.
In another sign that the NDP and Mubarak regime are having a strong comeback. Siam used to be a legal adviser to Fathy Sorror, the longtime People's assembly speaker in Mubarak's rule for 13 years.
He is believed to be among the legal team behind many infamous laws during the time of Mubarak.
The 1941-born judge was appointed in the Parliament by President El-Sisi along with other 27 public figures from two weeks ago.
He is a perfect choice if you think about when it comes to the so-called 30 June parliament and its unique members.
The session is going to be headed by the eldest member of the Parliament MP Bahaa Abu Shouka of Al-Wafd Party.
The famous criminal law lawyer was appointed in the parliament by President El-Sisi.
I do not know if the TV is going to air the first session of the parliament on air just like it did during the 2011/2012 parliament or not. Some say that the TV won't do it for fear of scandals on air like in the 2012 parliament.
We will see. It is just a matter of hours after all.

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