Thursday, January 14, 2016

And We got officially a convicted former President in Egypt

On Saturday, Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and his sons' appeal against a conviction for embezzling public funds in the Presidential Palaces trial was rejected, thus he became the first Egyptian president to be convicted of corruption as the ruling is final.
Yes, Officially and historically Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is found guilty of corruption and court ruling can not be further challenged.
Accordingly, Mubarak will be deprived of all the privileges granted to former Egyptian presidents according to the law. The privileges include security crews as well the honors that come with annual income like The Order of the Sinai Star.
He also should not receive a military funeral if he dies. Of course, we will see what will happen then.
His sons, Gamal and Alaa will not be allowed to participate in politics for the upcoming 5 years as well.
Some are saying that this court ruling was issued to ban Gamal Mubarak from any political activity intentionally. Well, I do not care about Junior because we got a history that has been made.
Hosni Mubarak is convicted as a corrupted president, it is a fact now.
The Mubaraks did not spend those years in jail because they served them during the pre-trial detention.
To refresh your memory, I strongly advise you to read the Mada Masr's investigative report about the Presidential Palace case.
Now, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is the first Egyptian president and ruler whether alive or dead to be convicted officially in a corruption case in front of the court in Egypt in the past 200 years.
Mubarak's attorney Farid El-Deeb after hearing the sentence
This is Mubarak's first conviction after his ouster on February 2011.
He made a name in Egypt's modern history indeed.
The unsung hero who truly made history by investigating this case is former officer Moatasm Fathi from the Administrative Oversight authority "AOA".
Officer Moastam Fathi , where ever you are
Thank you 
He is the one who investigation and reported the case to the public prosecutor.
Fathi already got a huge honorable record of fighting corruption in the AOA.He resigned before the revolution in 2011 to object the corruption and then was reinstated again.
Unfortunately, the former police officer who joined the AOA paid the price of that.
In 2013 after the ouster of Morsi, he was transferred from his position in AOA to the ministry of industry where he was demoted in everything.
In 2014, Fathi reported official to the prosecutor general's office that he was receiving threatening calls.
Now , I heard that he left the country and is living abroad. I do not know if it is true or not.
On twitter, Pro-25 January supporters launched #Thanks_Moatasm_Fathi to honor him.
On the other hand, Mubarak is still enjoying his 5 stars stay at the Maadi military hospital at the Shah of Iran's Suite.
Mubarak supporters were angry at the court "Reuters" 
His sons are enjoying their time too as free men too.
The people want the trial of Mubarak from Tahrir square in July 2011

This final conviction will allow us to restore the Mubaraks' frozen funds from Switzerland.
Already, the Swiss Attorney General is coming to Cairo on Saturday to discuss this matter with the Egyptian officials. I hope that the Egyptian officials truly do something and restore those funds.
Egypt needs those CHF 650 million for God's sake !!
Now here is the moment, the Judge declared his verdict on Saturday on video.

لحظة النطق بالحكم في الطعن المقدم من الرئيس المصري الأسبق حسني مبارك ونجليه في قضية "القصور الرئاسية"
Posted by Sky News Arabia on Saturday, January 9, 2016

At first, he gave a false hope to the Mubarak fanboys by saying that the court accepted to see that appeal " I do not know the correct term in English" and then rejects the appeal against the court ruling. 

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  1. I think you mean "military funeral" not "military trial" for Mubarak after he dies.


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