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Crucify Those rude boys in Tahrir for those bloody 1.59 minutes !!

A 1.59-minutes prank video in Egypt has been the talk of the town in the past 24 hours as well its most-watched video.
It also has become the most controversial video where the Pro-regime supporters and media are demanding the crucifixion of its makers because they dared and offended the police force in Tahrir square on 25 January 2016.
Here is the video.

"لن تصدق ماذا قدموا للشرطة في ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١٦"
نزلنا نحتفل بعيد الشرطة في عز البرد علشان محدش يزايد علينا."لن تصدق ماذا قدموا للشرطة في ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١٦"
Posted by Shady H. AbuZaid on Monday, January 25, 2016
TV satirist Shady Hussein and aspiring TV actor Ahmed Malek went to Tahrir square to celebrate the National police day where they gave police officers and conscripts Durex condoms as balloons.
Ahmed Malek and Shady Hussein
Ahmed Malek and Shady Hussein
In normal circumstances that video would not create all that controversy but things went out of control when the unofficial Ministry of interior and police Facebook pages began to share it and attack both Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek for insulting the police conscripts.
The Pro-regime supporters caught it from there and hell broke loose with demands literately to crucify, rape, torture and burn those boys at the stake for insulting the poor conscripts.
Alleged police officers left messages to Shady on his Facebook account vowing to torture him among other awful things that actually more offensive to the police force than the video let alone those are threats to commit crimes punishable according to the law.

Among those comments, a threatening post that was published on the unofficial Egyptian Police Facebook which is allegedly run by a group of police officers vowing to revenge.. by the law now.
The post was edited three times since its publication.

شادي ابو زيد مراسل برنامج ابلة فاهيتانفخ واقي ذكري علي أساس انه بالونة و مشي يوزعه علي العساكر للسخرية منهم اقسم بالله ما ها نسيب حقنا بالقانون .ماجد
Posted by ‎الشرطة المصرية‎ on Monday, January 25, 2016
The first two edits, the post signed by someone called Maged stated that if they "the police officers do not get" their right back by law, they won't leave him "Shady Hussein" alone congratulating him that he became an enemy to 37,000 policemen.

After Hussein threatened to take a legal action against those threats, the post was edited to include a vow to Shady to get him "by law" "

Shady Hussein is a young activist who participated in the 25 January revolution since day one.
 Shady Hussein
Shady on 25 January 2011 in Cairo 
On 29 January 2011, he was arrested by army units near Tahrir square and was beaten as well featured on the National TV as a thug before he was released.
He was injured in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November 2011.
Shady Hussein in 2011
After being injured during the clashes in 2011
He also survived other deadly clashes between protesters and security forces.
He was also among the early activists who stood against the sexual harassment problem in the square.
In December 2012, during the clashes at the presidential palace between the Pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi, he was badly injured by birdshot all over his body.
His photo in that protest in 2013 by Egyptian photographer Sabry Khaled was famous to the level it became graffiti.

Studying mass communication as major in MSA university, Shady Hussein has got a YouTube channel. He used to present an online show called "The Rich content" where he mocked the herd mentality in a very cruel way; showing the ignorance of Pro-regime supporters
His online show led him to become part of Abla Fahita show in its second season where he became her correspondent in the street.
Needless to say that his segment and his interviews in the street were part of the second season's success for real.
From a few days ago, Shady Hussein uploaded online his graduation project "The Small numbers". "The Small numbers" is a short documentary about the protests in 2015. You must watch this video.

Shady Hussein: The Small numbers

Ahmed Malek was only 15 years when he was badly injured during the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in 2011. He was suffering a fracture in his skull as far as I remember.
The young actor and socialist activist made news headlines like a celebrity among other unknown activists.
Of course, after the condom balloon incident, the Egyptian actors syndicate suspended his permit and he can't act anymore.
Old actors have slammed him and attacked him despite the fact many of them got lots and lots skeletons in their closets when it comes to their respect to law or their morals.

Malek apologized publicly and to the police Tuesday afternoon saying that he was only 20 years old and frustrated that his generation could not express itself. He also added that he did not realize the video would go viral like that
He also added that he was sad that the video was going to be used against the 25 January revolutionaries.

بعتذر بشده لكل شخص اساءه الفيديو و خاصه الشرطه. الفيديو فعلاً فيه تجاوزات لم اتوقع انها تخرج بره دايره الاصدقاء و ده مش ...
Posted by Ahmed Malek on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Despite Malek's apology, his father who is the head of Egypt's pilots' syndicate wrote an FB post denouncing what his son had done saying that he is ashamed that he carries his name !!

مهما بلغت درجة الاختلاف من أي فرد من أفراد الشعب المصري مع أي جهاز تنفيذي للدوله فلا يحق لنا بأي حال من الأحوال ان أن نت...
Posted by Malek Bayoumy S Bayoumy on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Ahmed did not steal or kill anybody for God's sake.
I do not need to expect that if things change, Mr. Malek will brag about the courage of his son who stood against the MOI in Tahrir alone along with his friend.

When it comes to Shady Hussein. His contract was terminated with JWT's Abla Fahita show.
The famous Muppet show that revolved around explicit sexual innuendo slammed Shady Hussein claiming that what he presented in those 1.59 minutes was against "The public morals".

بيان هام من اسرة برنامج ابلة فاهيتا..بمناسبة الفيديو الذي تم تداوله منذ أمس علي مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي في صورة تقرير ...
Posted by Abla Fahita on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

And Karma was quick because, after a couple of hours, CBC Network declared that it suspended the show.
Karma was strong tonight when it comes to Abla Fahita who lost all its fans from the Pro-jan25 supporters as well. Even Bassem Youssef slammed Abla Fahita producers in his own way.

So cheap , shame
At least 4 lawyers including notorious Samir Sabry and a police officer have reported Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek to the Prosecutor General.
Currently, the Prosecutor General has referred the case for investigations just like any complaint filed according to the law.
I do not feel good about that.
He and Malek can be imprisoned for that video clip.
Shady Hussein issued a statement, here is its translation:

#متضامن_مع_شادي #iStandWithShadyTranslation of Statement from Shady H. AbuZaid; the Egyptian satire artist who is being...
Posted by Ahmed Fouda on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

He later wrote a post on his Facebook account that got over 19,000 likes and is shared like fire.
ايه ؟ قفشتوا ليه ؟ انا بهزر...ده انا حتى مفقعتش عين متظاهر ولا سحلت بنت في قلب الشارع وعريتها...ولا هو يعني كان لازم اغت...
Posted by Shady H. AbuZaid on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Eloquently, he reminded us that he did not hit a protester in his eye or dragged a protester to the ground and stripped her clothes in the middle of the street. He was just spoofing. He spoke in his post on how he lived in a long depression after what he has seen in the past 4 years.

"And lately, we are not allowed to express our opinion nor to organize a protest otherwise you will be imprisoned or will get killed," He said adding that most of his friends stop talking in politics but they have not forgotten.

" On the 25 January revolution in 2016, there are unprecedented security threats to those who would protest and no one protested, you got weapons and laws ... those are your weapons which will turn into a joke in the middle of the day, you can not deny us nor deny that you are a silly joke" He said in the statement which I can not translate all now.

Shady says that he is afraid, still, he will continue doing what he wants despite he feels he will be imprisoned soon.
It is one of the best emotional statements that describes and summarizes what most of the Jan25 youth feel.

Ironically, all the pro-regime TV channels aired the video clip they considered as offensive without realizing that they are spreading it.

Regardless of what I think about the video and that kind of satire, I believe that both Hussein and Malek were completely furious and frustrated after what they have seen and witnessed for five years since 25 January 2011.

Personally, as a journalist who is covering the news in Egypt and following the updates of militant groups, I think it is better that those boys went to Tahrir square with condoms to express their frustration and anger in a satire video instead of carrying C4 explosives in a suicide mission.

On the other hand, Durex Egypt should appoint lawyers to Malek and Hussien because of the free publicity they got in the past 24 hours. The Egyptian social media is full of memes and comics about condoms and MOI unprecedently.

The condom taboo was broken in the past 24 hours at least for Egyptian young generations.
It is not the condom taboo that has been broken alone, Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek proved that the Egyptian statecannott handle a 1.59-minutes satire video.

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