Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#Jan25 : This is how it was in 2016

And the Egyptian Meteorological authority was right, the 25th January 2016 was stormy rainy day and that's it.
Stormy cloud over Tahrir square, a metaphoric coincidence !!
By Orla Guerin "BBC"
That's the only action we had throughout the fifth anniversary of the 25th January.
Nothing happened in Tahrir square, it was deserted by the true protesters since early morning.
The shops were closed in Downtown Cairo.
Tahrir square early Monday by Maged Atef for Buzzfeed 

Instead, dozens of Pro-Sisi supporters showed up to celebrate the Police National Day with the security forces in the square.
Celebrating the Police National Day "Reuters" 

Of course, I can not forget that some Pro-Jan25 protesters went alone to pay their respect to the square and its martyrs.
Sanaa Seif started her single-person rally and marched from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square alone while wearing a sweatshirt written on it "It is still January Revolution".
Sanaa Walking tall to Tahrir square
"Sanaa Seif' 
Sanaa on her way to Tahrir square
"Sanaa Seif" 
Seif said in a Facebook post that she used to go from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square in marches since 2011 to 2014 and that it was her own ritual on 25 January.

من 2011 وانا كل 25 يناير بمشي في مسيرة مصطفى محمود. آخر ذكرى ثورة حضرتها كانت 2014 وبالرغم من عنف الداخلية قدرت التزم ب...
Posted by Sanaa Seif on Monday, January 25, 2016
Sanaa going to Kasr Al-Nil bridge
"Sanaa Seif" 
The sweatshirt has become popular among youth and people kept asking her online from where she got it. It turned out that graffiti artists Ammar Abo Bakr and Mohamed El-Moshir.
It is still January revolution sweatshirt 
Now Sanaa was not alone, a young man called Peter Youssef went there alone holding a piece paper written on it "It is still January revolution".
Peter in Tahrir "Peter Youssef" 
On the other hand, as expected the MB and its supporters organized small protests in villages and narrow streets in polluted areas.
The security forces dispersed as usual and arrested a group of the protesters like the usual routine in the past two years when it comes to the MB protesters.
Needless to say, I am amazed at how the MB leaders in exile were speaking about huge numebrs of protesters and the public that want the reinstatment of Mohamed Morsi !!!! Enough of this delusion !!
Already according to human rights organizations, 37 protesters including 10 girls were arrested in 7 governorates on Monday.
It is too cold in Egypt now.
I will quote Sanaa Seif in the end of this post because I think no one has put eloquently and simply as she had done.
"I went alone but I am sure next year thousands will march from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square"

Happy #Jan25 ya people "Ahmed Gomaa

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  1. Good for Saana Seid. I wish her well and much love. Same with all those who are still out there, for the people.


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