Friday, February 26, 2016

Sisi's 2030 speech : Be worried ... be very worried

Egypt's sarcasm Facebook pages and accounts are having one hell of busy day thanks to the latest speech of President Abdel Fattah early Wednesday in Egypt 2030 conference.
Comic, memes and videos are published at a crazy rate on Facebook pages like Asa7be Sarcasm Society.
Being the first Egyptian president up for sale on eBay for several hours following his emotional plea in the speech that he would sell him to save the country made more headlines in Mashable, BBC and Foreign policy than the original speech with its important details. "There is similar page for him on Facebook"
But speaking seriously, there is nothing funny about the speech when you listen to it carefully.
Sisi speaking in the speech
"screen capture from presidency twitter account"
The speech is very alarming.
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was extremely nervous more than any other speech I could remember.
He was nervous and angry in that improvised speech.
He slammed the government's critics including his own supporters. Ironically, it has been an old 23 July state legacy to make the cabinet as the punching bag when the president has got all powers. Now Sisi defends Ismail's cabinet and says he meets with the ministers and knows what we do not know. I do not know what his supporters will say after claiming that the cabinet is working against his instructions.

"If you love Egypt then you have to listen to me only, listen to me only." Sisi said in his speech and now you have to be very worried on many things now starting with freedom of expression to democracy to the views of the President himself. Does "Listen to me only" man listen to others !?
"If you are not with us then be silent !!" I do not know what to say or comment for real !!

Then comes his big moment when he shouted "Who are you ?? Who are you? I swear by God, anyone comes near to Egypt, I wipe him off the face of the earth".

Who are those he was referring to !? Did Sisi mean the opposition in general or the Muslim Brotherhood or the terrorists or some other power we do no know !?
People and political analysts I have met in the past 24 hours are wondering about the same thing. "Who are {they} ?
Then comes the part where Sisi says that he would sell himself if he could be sold when it comes to Egypt's economic crisis.
Now that term was actually common in Egypt's countryside as a sign of sacrifice in the old days as I have been told. Sisi was brought up in Islamic Cairo but has got countryside roots.
Of course, it turned to be the biggest meme of all times.

Then we have got the charity economy where Sisi suggested that Egyptians should give Egypt a "morning call" aka to donate to the Presidential "Long Live Egypt" Fund in an SMS  text to provide the country with bunch of billions every year !!
I wish that solving the economic crisis was that simple !!!!

Ironically his phrase regarding that matter turned into another wild meme especially he used a word accidentally in Arabic that is commonly used by weed smokers in their slang in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Admitting that the Russian airliner was downed in a terrorist attack  after nearly three months of official Egyptian denial was the only thing highlighted in the international media from the long speech seriously.
I am not surprised that international media cared about that only but I am surprised that there has been no official reaction from the Egyptian ministries of interior or aviation or foreign affairs regarding the President's Statement.

The Egyptian President also admitted that Egypt is going to suffer from water shortage as soon Ethiopia inaugurates the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance dam and starts if first filling of its reservoir.
Heavens forbid, nobody dares to speak about Egypt's failure in the dam's talks.

Sisi's mentioned Modern Egypt's founder Mohamed Ali Pasha in his speech for some reason. It is an irony because that Albanian man had a great vision for Egypt that turned the whole Middle East upside down.

Many people are trying to interpret that mention. One thing we know about the Albanian man of the castle did not a freak-out moment in public despite he collapsed in the end.

Now, many Egyptians who are making fun of Sisi's speech online are actually worried, very worried but they are using their oldest and simplest weapons against challenges and hardships: sarcasm. Sarcasm and political joke have been  our own secret weapon against foreign occupations and local dictators alike from the dawn of history.

Unfortunately, no one is paying attention to that vision of Egypt in 2030 or how we are going to achieve those promising goals planned by the current administration in the current unpromising economic conditions.
Sisi's speech overshadowed the whole thing, unfortunately.
Also, Egypt is not poor in its sources but its poor in its leadership's imagination.

Sisi's long speech


  1. Sorry for off-topic, but what about this story, Z? On Yahoo News via AFP:

    Egypt sentences Christian teens to jail for contempt of Islam

    If they do that to Xtians, I wonder what they'd do to an atheist like me.

    1. Yes , it is a first degree sentence that can be appealed. It is causing a lot of noise back in Cairo , some MPs are raising the matter.

    2. To Jason,
      Egypt need Trump to make it great again!
      The Canadaian.

  2. The Iranian parliamentary election was actually less fraudulent than the Egyptian one. Even with the manipulations and disqualifications, there is more diversity of viewpoints and less crippling repression of political foes.


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