Sunday, April 17, 2016

After Tiran and Sanafir , Sudan wants Hala'ib and Shalateen

And it was expected since day one !!
On Sunday, the Sudanese Ministry of foreign affairs Calling Cairo for direct negotiations or resorting
to international arbitration over disputed Hala'ib and Shalateen triangle.
The Sudanese foreign ministry did not forget to mention Tiran and Sanafir islands. In fact, the statement's title is "A statement about the return of Sanafir and Tiran islands agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia !!"
Hala'ib triangle is in the south of Egypt on the borders of Sudan.
A copy from the Sudanese MOFA statement
Sudanese journalist Wasil Ali
I expected this to happen since the announcement of the Egyptian government to handover Tiran and Sanafir.
The Sudanese ambassador in Cairo did not deny his country intention to raise the matter within hours of announcing the agreement with Saudi Arabia.
The Sudanese officials were already vocals since the 1990s about it, unlike the Saudi officials that suddenly remembered Tiran and Sanafir.
Now for those who do not know what is going on, I recommend that you read that post I wrote in 2010 about how Hala'ib triangle was actually Egyptian.
By the way , Sudanese president Omar El-Bashir returned Khartoum after attending African security forum in Ethiopia.
During the old good days !! "Reuters"
Now , I wonder what the Sisi administration will do !??
Update :
Egypt's ministry of foreign affairs issued a very short statement Sunday evening.

The statement says  that Hala'ib triangle was an Egyptian territory under Egyptian sovereignty and Egypt has no further comment.

Yes, sovereignty !! Ironically Tiran and Sanafir enjoyed the Egyptian sovereignty since 1906 and yet that the ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt does not recognize this.
People leaving comments on that post "when I read it , maybe they deleted them later" telling that Sudan won't pay unlike Saudi Arabia and that's why they won't give Hala'ib triangle.
I have to say the Sudanese Bashir administration does not really care about Hala'ib triangle as much as it cares about the mining rights there.
By the way, I should not forget how ousted President Mohamed Morsi was accused of attempting to sell Hala'ib triangle in the last few months after his short-lived rule.
I swear that my blood still boils of the matter , everyday I found more evidence from legal and official Egyptian documents that Tiran and Sanafir and yet the Egyptian regime insists on lying and disrespecting the Egyptian constitution as well the Egyptian blood.
Yes, I am still emotional.
Egypt is indeed losing power day after day.
Egypt is no longer the leader of the Arab world.


  1. There were demonstrations in

    8TH JANUARY 2012)


  2. Israel has been the leader of the Arab world for a long time. If sisi is the Saudis monkey on a purse string it shows that the regime is really just a bunch of greedy thugs for hire. But we all know that anyway. But do you really think the Saudi regime has enough collective intellect to make even a minor decision for itself. They are simply debauched playboys serving the will of their masters in America and we know whose tail wags the American dog.

  3. From some sources I have read it was Egypt that voluntarily proposed to hand over the islands to SA and SA didn't ask for them. There are so many conflicting stories and sources that it's hard to find the truth. I am guessing most Egyptians claim the islands belong to Egypt.. because naturally what else can they say? The opposite has no benefit and it's forfeiting land.

    Sudan can decide to go to international arbitration over disputed Hala'ib and Shalateen triangle if Egypt doesn't want to even sit at the table and discuss the issue. Why are people surprised that Sudan is bringing up this issue now? It's not a new issue. They already mentioned that the claim is decades old. Maybe they thought Egypt is in a generous mood these days and they can take advantage of the 'sale' season!

  4. Zeinobia

    I have asked you before when you posted some news about halaib, and sent you a link to Eid pray photos posted at one of your news papers asking without event one reply "do you think those faces are Sudanese or Egyptians ??? It is here look again .....

    1. Well their faces are just like the faces of Egyptians in the south , even the skin color.
      I believe it is Egypt triangle and I spoke about that before.
      The skin color is not enough evidence because just I mentioned in previous posts, the people in Hala'ib city are tribes that moved between Egypt and Sudan. We got tribes between Egypt and Libya as well clans between Egypt and Palestine.

  5. So, forgot about faces and Sudanese tribes، do you know that halaib dispute was started in 1899 and 1902 due to Egyptian administrative decision to include halaib in it's map ? Sudan was under Anglo- Egyptian colonization !!! Am sure you agree that Sudan have no say at that time to defend, but now why Egypt refuses international courts ?? They know they don't have evidence only their own drawn map and administrative decision

    1. Yes , I know and please do not ask me about why Egypt refuses international courts because I think clearly I am not part of the Egyptian government. If it is up to me , okay let's go to the court

  6. Zeinobia, where is my second comment !!! I am just discussing with you peacefully !!!!!

  7. Thanks Zeinobia, yes comment only took time to appear after approval.
    You're right, it is not your decision and if it is up to you and me I think we will go to courts to end this dispute and continue a healthy relation with respect.

  8. Zeinobia , I need your opinion
    Below is the map published by Egyptian Ministry of foreign affairs to defend their decision on Tiran and Sanafir

    Where is halaib triangle Zeinobia :)

    1. Actually it is not the ministry of foreign affairs , it was one map of found by unofficial Egyptian researchers to prove that Tiran and Sanafir were actually Egyptian in that week of maps we have got from two weeks in Egypt

  9. Look here also,


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