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From Khaled Said's Mother to Giulio Regeni's Mother : I feel your pain

Mrs. Laila Marzouk , the mother of Khaled Said , the young Egyptian man whose tragic murder on the hands of two policemen in Alexandria was among the sparks of the January revolution got something to say on video to Paola Regeni , the mother of the 28-years-old Italian political science researcher tortured and killed in Egypt.
From Khaled Said's Mother to Giulio Regeni' mother
Marzouk's message comes after the heartbreaking statement Paola Regeni said at the Italian Senate during the press conference about her son there on Tuesday.

كلمة والدة جوليو ريجيني في البرلمان الإيطالي 29-03-2016 مترجمة للعربيةلا استطيع أن اصف لكم ماذا فعلوا بوجة ابني لقد تجمع شر العالم كله فيما فعلوه بهذا الوجة المشرقفى اعتقادى أن ما تعرض له جوليو قد تعرض له الكثيرون من قبله في مصر .. ربما يكون جوليو حادثة فردية بالنسبة لتاريخنا كإيطاليين .. ولكن بالنسبة لمصريين آخرين .. جوليو ليس حادثة فردية كما تدعي الحكومة المصرية
Posted by Mohammed Sadek on Friday, April 1, 2016
During her word , Paola Regeni revealed that she identified her son at the Morgue in Rome from his nose tip only. "On Giulio's face I saw all the ills of the world." Mama Regeni describing how her beautiful young son's face was unrecognizable.
The Italian teacher added that they "Italians" had not seen such kind of torture except during the fascist-Nazi era and yet that was during the war !!
The Regenis at the Italian senate
The Regenis demand the truth for Giulio "AFP"

Paola Regeni also slammed the Egyptian government's claim that the incident of Giulio as an "isolated" man saying that it could be the first incident for an Italian but it happened to Egyptians all the time.
The Regenis vowed to release a photo for Giulio in the morgue if there is no progress in the case.
That reminded me with what happened to Khaled Said and how his photos in the morgue played a huge role in his case.
From the description of Mrs. Regeni , I assume that they are much worse photos than Said's !!
Paola Regeni's statement comes after the announcement of Egypt's ministry of interior that it arrested a criminal gang that possibly related to Regeni's disappearance.
Needless to say , that the threat to release the photo of the slain 28-years-old student is nothing compared to the threats of the Italian MPs that reached to the level of withdrawing the Italian ambassador.
Already on Saturday , Italian Association for Responsible Tourism "AITR" suspended its activities and programs in Egypt till the truth of Regeni's murder is known. It is another blow to tourism in Egypt.
The primary unofficial suspect in Giulio Regeni's murder due to its infamous record in torture cases in the Italian media is the Egyptian security forces aka the Ministry of interior.
Next Tuesday , the Egyptian investigation team will head to Rome to meet their Italian counterpart in order to share Giulio Regeni's investigations dossier.
The dossier includes the telephone calls of Regeni which were recorded by security forces before his disappearance on 25 January.
Earlier Saturday , the Criminal court sentenced a low-ranking policeman to 25 years in jail for the murder of 24-years-truck driver Mohamed Ismail in popular Darb El-Ahamr area.
This is a first degree murder and I am sure there will be an appeal.
Interestingly , this is considered from the fastest trials when it comes to Police shooting incidents.
The public anger of the people in Darb El-Ahamr for sure is playing a role.
Back to Giulio Regeni whose case is more complicated than the cases of Khaled Said and Mohamed Ismail which seem to be straightforward policemen's violence against public.
Regeni's murder includes forcible disappearance and torture till death.
I believe that just like we had that before and after Khaled Said incident , we are having before and after Giulio Regeni's incident.
By the way Giulio was just celebrating his 28 years old birthday in Cairo on 18 January when he took that photo at a fish restaurant. "I think it is Kadoura" 
Giulio Regeni's last picture
The last photo for Giulio Regeni on 18 January 
It was the last photo he had sent to his family in Italy. 


  1. Can Egypt afford investigator like Z?
    Z is the sixties Oscar-winning movie made by Costa Gavras. The investigating judge, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, meticulously and unabated, followed the leads to uncover the truth. Truth is worth it, even without happy ending.

    1. Well , I feel that soon enough we will find a film about Giulio is made.
      Truth sometimes hurts but still , without truth there will be no peace or solace.

  2. A journalist can find the truth, not necessarily an investigator. Forty years ago Woodward and Bernstein in Washington Post broke the cover-up of Watergate bringing down Nixon. The pair benefited from people willing to provide anonymous tips to uncover the truth.

  3. How much are you willing to pay for the truth?
    khaled said was just an Egyptian guy, yet his story was a catalyst to uproot long sitting president.


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