Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Egypt's MPs should speak about the fiscal policies, that is what they should do

On Sunday , we found out that the Speaker of Egypt's House of Representatives, Ali Abdel Aal  warning the MPs of speaking about the government's fiscal policies in the media critically or otherwise he or she will be referred to a disciplinary committee.
On Monday after facing criticism in the media , Abdel Aal claimed that he only said that because the fiscal policies were discussed confidentially and the members are free to express their opinion but not to insult the state institutions  !!
I do not think that the financial or fiscal policies of Egypt should be or are confidential.
House of Representative Speaker Ali Abdal Aal 
In fact , all the countries discuss the fiscal and financial policies freely and openly in the parliament and in the media criticizing the government because this is what the parliament is supposed to do technically speaking !!

What is even worse, Abdel Aal stated that freedom had limits and that even the United States got tough laws when it comes to national security.
Unfortunately, Abdel Aal who met Paul Ryan in April forgets that the U.S Congress and Senates discuss the U.S administration fiscal policies freely and openly and attack the U.S administration in public and in media freely !!
This is what the MPs should do as the representatives of the Egyptian people.
They should discuss the fiscal policies of Sharif Ismail's cabinet policies publicly and not in some committee secretly. They should stand up and criticize the government freely and openly in the parliament as well in the media.
They also have the right to reject the fiscal policies of the government.
This is how it goes. I do not believe that I am speaking about fundamental political parliamentary rights !!
That provoking statement  comes at the time the speaker of the current parliament is warning of international mega-conspiracies against Egypt by the way.
He also warned the members of the parliament of taking courses at those "suspicious" NGOs without knowing their intention.

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