Monday, June 13, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.8"

Things will escalate rapidly in our tale, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
Tonight is our 8th episode from our tale as well the 770th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio show "One thousand and One nights" inspired by the book famous book.
Now , I think you should refresh your memory and listen to last night episode.
Here is tonight's episode after the break.

And evil Vizier Samsem heads to the Diwan with after knowing the biggest secret of all that Crown prince Safwan was not really the son of King Rokn El-Zaman and Queen Nourhan.
He meets King Rokn El-Zaman who wanted to talk him angrily.
Rokn El-Zaman surprised Samsem that he went undercover and met the citizens of his kingdom. They all complained about how corrupted and cruel Samsem was.
The King tells Samsem that all this is over which means that soon enough the evil Vizier will be fired.
Extremely angry , Samsem heads after that to Shahbander Rashadan to meet Kawkab and ask if her son had a distinguished sign in his body.
Kawkab remembers that her baby had a mole on his cheek. Samsem is now sure 100% that this lost baby is actually Safwan.
Back in the palace , we know that Safwan is a bit arrogant compared to King Rokn El-Zaman , who decides to go undercover as a simple man in order to know more about the Kingdom's problems.
And things escalate when Shoms rejects the unwanted advances of Prince Safwan who claimed that his brother Hassan left the country and head to Abdstan kingdom.
Next day, King Rokn El-Zaman begins to choose candidates to replace Vizier Samsem along with the main judge of the kingdom.
Interestingly , the main judge tells the king not to choose his son Safwan because he is the King's relative.
And Vizier Samsem meets with Safwan and vows that he will not leave his position as he got lots of secrets.
He reveals one of those secrets to Safwan , the most devastating one. He tells Safwan that he is not the King nor the Queen's son but rather the son of Kawkab and Dahman.
Tomorrow inshallah we will know how this will turn Safwan's life upside down.

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