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Tiran and Sanafir isles are Egyptian by the Court order

And a Cairo administrative ruled out earlier Tuesday that the Egyptian-Saudi deal to redraw maritime borders is void and that Tiran and Sanafir red sea isles are Egyptian.
In other words , human rights lawyer Khaled Ali and his team won the lawsuit against the Egyptian government in a historical verdict.

According to the court's verdict
The Egyptian-Saudi deal to redraw maritime borders and its consequences above them placing the Tiran and Sanafir in Saudi water are annulled. The two islands are still within the Egyptian territories and the Egyptian State borders. The Egyptian sovereignty still continue in the two isles. It is prohibited to change their status in any way for any other country. 

The Egyptian government can appeal this ruling at the High Administrative Court but we must remember that the government did not represent the agreement text or any evidence that supported the Saudi-hood of those isles to the Administrative court.

Despite President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said in a public speech before that all the documents prove that the two islands were Saudi , no document was provided in the Administrative court in the trial in the past few weeks to the level that the State's attorney was fined.

On the other hand, lawyer Khaled Ali and his team that represented mounting evidence from official Egyptian as well Saudi and international maps and Atlas books as well official Egyptian state documents that recognize the two isles as Egyptian territories since 1906 and even beyond.

Here is the complete Court's ruling and its reasoning in Arabic.

Update : The State lawsuits authority that represents the government decided to appeal against the ruling .

Khaled Ali-Tiran and Sanafir
Khaled Ali out the State council by
Mohamed El-Raay-Reuters 
I am not optimistic but I think many know that the government or rather the regime won't give up easily in something like that.
The Egyptian House of Representatives is still going to discuss and approve the Egyptian-Saudi deal.

The parliament is supposed to discuss it after the State budget.
It is worth to mention that for three months , the government says that the parliament will discuss the deal within two weeks and so on.

Already after that Administrative court ruling , the parliament will discuss nothing because the agreement is void.
Needless to say, most of the Pro-State regime MPs support the deal publicly and this won't go without a fighting
Hours following the court ruling , very close to presidency and Pro-regime MP Mostafa Bakry is saying in a series of tweets that the Administrative court actually violated the Constitution actually.

According to Bakry who published a book recently to prove the two islands are Saudi , the Administrative court's jurisdiction to look into diplomatic and international deals.
Bakry accused the court of violating the constitution article no.151 which states that that the President represents the state in its international deals and the Parliament must ratify it.

This will not go without a fight , an ugly one too because Tiran and Sanafir were taken from Egypt as part of a big regional arrangement as it seems to pave the Saudi-Israeli relations.

During the visit of King Salman to Egypt in April , the deal was announced suddenly shocking Egyptians.

Former Israeli defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon announced that Israel signed off on the Egyptian government's move to give Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.
Tiran and Sanafir islands

Ya'alon also revealed that in return of the two deserted islands , the Saudi Kingdom would give Egypt USD 16 billion in aid.

According to the new arrangement, Saudi Arabia should be part of the Camp David treaty. Some analysts in Egypt say that this arrangement will pave the way for Deputy Crown Prince Muhamed Bin Salman to become the king of Saudi Arabia after his father.

It is not only that arrangement , there were other decisions taken during his father's visit concerning Sinai and the possession of land there that raise many question marks.

In early June , former Saudi official Dr. Anwar Eshki who has direct contacts with Israeli officials revealed to Yedioth Ahronoth Israeli newspaper the following as a step of normalization between his country and Israel.
Egypt recently returned two islands to Saudi Arabia (Tiran and Sanafir). We plan to build the King Salman bridge, which will link Africa to Asia and will be used for the transit of passengers, vehicles and goods. On Tiran Island, which stretches over 80 square kilometers, a free trade zone is being built exempt from taxes and duties. If Israel goes along with the diplomatic process and adopts the Arab peace plan, we shall invite Israel to present goods and sell what you have to offer on the island of Tiran. Such a move will have huge economic returns for you.
The Saudi Parliament and Saudi cabinet have already approved the deal.

Tiran and Sanafir isles are extremely important when it comes to strategic and military importance to Egypt according to Egypt's late most prominent geographer and scholar Gamal Hamdan. In his last book about Sinai peninsula which is a must to read,Hamadan says explicitly that whoever controls Tiran and Sanafir along Sharm El-Sheikh, control the Tiran strait and gulf of Aqaba .
Gamal Hamadan's book about
Tiran and Sanafir
Hamadan was keen in his book which was published in 1993 "it was published after his death but he prepared all its maps" to include Tiran and Sanafir isles in the Egyptian territories.
Sinai map
South Sinai cities and islands " Gamal Hamadan"
Hamadan is considered Egypt's most important and trusted geographer, I do not think that he was a fool or ignorant. He published that map above before in his important and best selling book "The Personality of Egypt". I read the books and I know what I saw by own eyes.

Now I am not a legal expert but annulling the deal and its consequences mean as well cancelling the detention and the jail sentences for the political activists and protesters who were sent to jail because they spread false news.

Lawyer Malek Adly , activist Sanaa Seif , Street children troupe and journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud El-Sakka should be released accordingly as the court proved that those islands are Egyptian.

The head of journalists syndicate's trial should stop now.

Egyptian-Syrian Hisham Zohair's deportation to Syria must be suspended right now.
Zohair already paid LE 100,000 bail to be released from in the 25 April protesters case as an Egyptian yet he is being tried like a foreign who is dangerous on national security !!
Those are the names I can remember right now involved in the case

#Tiran_and_Sanafir_are_Egyptian hashtag in Arabic is top trending worldwide as well in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Worldwide trends
The worldwide trends
Egypt trends
Egypt Trends
Saudi trends

More about the disputed Tiran and Sanafir.
In Arabic :


  1. It ain't over till the fat lady sings! The regime is using this verdict to demonstrate the judiciary creditability and independence. Yet the ammunition is stacked in higher-level appeal to nullify this verdict on the basis that drawing the boarders is an act of sovereignty.

  2. Even though this verdict is most likely going to be overturned, one thing is clear: Khaled Ali whupped Sisi. One is a fantastic human being while the other is a pathetic excuse of a human. Sisi should be sent to his beloved Scorpion prison and replaced in the presidenCy with Khaled Ali. It will be interesting to see how long the Sisi loons support torture once Sisi is no longer in power.

  3. I'm glad that you think the islands are Egyptian sovereign land. By the same standard we can also say that Gaza and the West Bank are a part of Israel!

    1. I think this is very wrong on many levels considering the facts: We have not occupied those two islands and they were part of Egypt officially since 19th century.
      Unlike Israel , which actually is built upon other people's land and occupied Gaza and West Bank in 1967. Oh and there is UN Security resolution that officially recognizes what happened in Gaza and West Bank as occupation.
      Do not play this game with me please.

  4. wow! just shows how the egyptian 'liberal elite' are hypocritical and ignorant of history/recent events.

    ● it was ok for the ikhwan to carve up sinai and call it palestine (land that generations of egyptians bled for in many wars)
    ● the Islands never belonged to egypt and even in 1906 when it was 'handed over to egypt' it was understood that it was part of the greater hijaz.
    ● and when the alsaud family came to power the islands went to the hijaz region of saudi arabia.
    ● in 1948 alsaud fearful of a growing/expanding israel ceded custody of said islands to egypt due to the lack of a hijazi maritime force.

    ● and finally with this deal, many unemployed twitterers and facebookers---oops sorry, i meant 'social activists' will finally have real jobs due to the hijaz bridge project.

    point being giving up sinai for nothing in return, is a whole lot worse then returning something that never belonged to you; in return for thousands of jobs. you people in the little 'hate sisi bubble world' are blinded by platitudes/meaningless ideas, that you can't see the bigger picture.

    have a great day Z!

  5. Yes...only 68 years ago there was nothing called Israel.
    This Land is Palestine you like it or not. The Palestinian People still alive and well.
    Inshaa Allah swt the land will return to its People (The Palestinians)
    It does not matter you like it or not.
    You just live on Land you steel
    No occupation was there for ever
    Just wait and see.
    Inshaa Allah swt Palestinians and Palestine will be FREE.


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