Sunday, July 3, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.28"

Prince Hassan and his company reach Farafash's cave hoping that she will return back Shoms once again as a human.
We will know what will happen tonight and what will happen to Shoms in the 28th episode of our tale of this Ramadan , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
We are getting near to the end of our tale this Ramadan for sure, I hope you like it.
Now after the break , you can listen to 787th episode of "One Thousand and One night" Radio show produced by the Egyptian State Radio.

Hassan and his company reach Farafash's cave as the old witch is waiting for them as she saw them through her crystal ball.
The Crystal ball Farafash uses her magic and transforms Shoms from a deer to a human once again.
Now Hassan and his friends are thinking about their next move. King Rokn El-Zaman checks on his wife Queen Nourhan through the crystal ball.
Hassan and Shoms agree on saving her uncle Salman from prison and so Farkuk is ordered to go and get the old shepherd from his detention.
Once again , the Djinn breaks into the prison and gets one of its inmates. During Farkuk's visit to the Kingdom's prison, chaos erupts and a bigger prison break takes place.
Vizier Samsem is informed and he is alarmed as it is only 48 hours before declaring Safwan as the new King. Still , the prison break is not the only thing alarming facing him.
Queen Nourhan announced that she would not attend the coronation of Safwan because she felt sick.
On the other hand , Safwan's real mother Kawkab got this strange feeling since seeing him.
You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
Till another night , folks.

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