Thursday, August 11, 2016

And Egypt got two bronze medals in Rio 2016 in one night

This is definitely a great day for Egypt as well the Arabs in general in Rio Olympics 2016 as Egyptian Olympians managed to score two bronze medals in Weightlifting.
Our winners on Wednesday
Fantastic 18-years-old weightlifter Sarah Ahmed Samir managed to score the bronze medal after totaling 225kg after six successful attempts in the 69kg women snatch and clean and jerk weightlifting event on Wednesday.
Olympian Sarah Samir
Sarah Samir , the Egyptian weightlifter in Rio "AP" 
Sarah managed to score Egypt's first medal for Egypt in Rio so far.
She also made a historical achievement as she has become the first Egyptian to get a medal officially in weightlifting the Olympics for real since 1948 Olympics in London.
Olympian Sarah Samir
Sarah lifting the weight in an amazing shot "Getty" 

Sarah is also the first Egyptian woman to win officially a medal in the Olympics since Egypt's participation in 1912 Olympics in Stockholm.
Olympian Sarah Samir
Sarah and the victory's smile "Getty" 
Needless to say, she is the first Egyptian woman weightlifter to win officially a media in the Olympics.
Egyptian Olympian Sarah Samir
Sarah and the medal "Getty" 

It is an amazing achievement for Sarah and Egyptian women as well Egyptians in general.
You must know that Sarah and her family asked the ministry of education to deferral her high school exams due to her training before the Olympics but the ministry refused.
From a couple of weeks ago, Sarah knew that she failed in her exams.

Following her victory by few hours, 27-years-weightlifter Mohamed Ihab scored Egypt's second bronze medal in the 77kg men's weightlifting event in Rio after a very hard competition.
Officially, Ihab is the first man Egyptian weightlifter to win a medal in the Olympics since 1948.
Egyptian Olympian Mohamed Ihab
Mohamed Ihab "Reuters" 
Mohamed Ihab's father died recently and that's why he carried his photo while crying on the podium. His mother is extremely sick and is currently in the hospital in Egypt.
Hopefully , his mom will get better after knowing her son's victory.
Egyptian Olympian Mohamed Ihab
Mohamed Ihab after winning "Reuters" 
Here are the photos of both Sarah and Mohamed while training from nearly 7 weeks ago by dear Sarah El-Sirgany.

And you got love Sarah with her Supergirl shirt :))
Mohamed and Sarah brought happiness to many Egyptians and Arabs tonight.
Of course, Wednesday was a great day for Arabs in the Olympics.

Despite he did not represent Kuwait officially , Kuwaiti Fehaid al-Deehani won his first men's Double trap Gold medal in the Olympics. Tunisian fencer Inas Boubakri won its first Bronze medal in women's individual foil
On Tuesday ,  UAE's judo player Sergiu Toma secured the country's second ever medal in the Olympics in the Men's Judo 81 Kg.
A side remark :The Egyptian athletes managed to achieve amazing advanced ranks in the Olympics with our modest sources in several games so far.
I wish the clubs spend on our athletes just quarter what it is spent on football, things will be different.
Of course , I did not speak about the Egyptian women's beach volleyball and how teenage Doaa and Nada became stars worldwide. 

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