Friday, August 5, 2016

Egyptian Summer tales : The Ghost of summer past !!

First of all , sorry for the lack of updates and posts. I went on a short vacation at Egypt's North Coast and I had plans to blog more about many different things. Still, unfortunately or fortunately, there was no Wi-Fi connection and I had more time on the beach. Thank God , it was nice a break from all the ongoing madness back in Cairo.

Nevertheless , I followed what is happening back in Cairo through the social media. Among the main  issues that went viral on social media was the re-emergence of Gamal Mubarak once again to public life in North Coast.

From five days ago , a man called Amr Rageb posted his photo with Gamal Mubarak while partying at the famous 6IX Degrees night club at Hacienda Bay resort.

The younger son of ousted Mubarak seems to be coming from an early 1990s party with that shirt !!
Oh yes , I was not alone in Sidi Abdel Rahman as few kilometers away where I was staying Gamal Mubarak was partying all night long !!

I was not surprised or shocked to see the photos of Mubarak's infamous son whose political ambition became an international example to be avoided at Hacienda resort.
Simply, people tend to forget that the Upper-Class Hacienda resorts are owned by Gamal Mubarak's father-in-law, Mahmoud El-Gamal.
Since his release in 2015, the former NDP leading member was seen several times in public. He was seen visiting the pyramids with his wife and daughter in 2015.

In 2016,  he was seen at some event at his daughter's school "British school" and then his daughter's special piano recital at the Opera House that was attended by his mother. He also attended some gymnastic event along with former PM Ahmed Nazif earlier this summer. He has been truly active.
Back to Sidi Abdel Rahman, A friend of mine has seen him later this week at Telal resort while having a dinner in some restaurant there.

She told me that waiters and customers in the restaurant were wondering if it were better to have him as a president too.
After the spread of that photo in 6IX degrees online,  I have noticed that some Upper and Middle Upper-Class social media users began to wonder if it were better to have him as a president.
Some tweeps began to post polls wondering if he would win if he ran in the upcoming elections against Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Not so surprisingly , he would win those elections according to those not-so-representative polls.
I do not find that strange , this is natural especially after the past three years and the terrible economic crisis we are facing now in Egypt.
Some Egyptians are already now nostalgic to the days of King Farouk when the Egyptian pound was worth more than the US dollar.

It is not an indication that the 25 January revolution has failed as much as the current administration of Sisi has failed in the eyes of those people.
Not all the people are over the moon with his sudden appearance in the North Coast's hottest club especially young people.
That post went viral even more than the Instagram photograph.

Realistically speaking, Gamal Mubarak can not return back to politics for the upcoming 5 years because he was officially found guilty of corruption and emblazing public funds in the infamous presidential mansions trials.
So,legally he will miss the 2018 presidential elections if we are going to have any true multi-candidate elections.
Gamal Mubarak during one of his trials

A side note, Gamal Mubarak was not going to be the president of Egypt , even without the 25 January revolution as it seems.
Already , the younger son of Mubarak had two opposing deep state powers he underestimated in addition to the public rejection : The intelligence and the army.
I remember very well that Field Marshal Tantawy once said in 2011 that the Egyptian armed forces had a backup plan in case that Gamal Mubarak began his ascension plan in July 2011.

By the way, if Gamal Mubarak continues to show up more often and people to speak about him more and more as an alternative , I won't be surprised or shocked to find the prosecutor general bringing up some corruption case with new sudden evidence incriminating him.

Already, Gamal and his brother Alaa still have another corruption in front of the court. They are still facing charges of corrupt stock dealing in a trial that will be resumed in September.

The names of Gamal and Alaa Mubarak remerged once again to the media as investigative journalists Ahmed Atef and Ahmed Al-Shamy re-opened the case of corruption stock dealing connecting it with the Swiss HSBC leaks last month.


  1. Well, I blogged about him few years ago. Despite my absolute despise and hatred to the Mubarak era goons, but Egypt's situation has been so dire and is deteriorating even further. The Sissy is much worse than Gimmy. It is out of question to consider the as an option, but Sissy should be destabilized. He has gone whacko and something should be done ya Z. I am not sure if such news are spread by certain wings in Sissy's media empire and are intended. No longer that I can understand what is going on in EGypt other than the obvious demise of our country and the coming implosion of all the states institutions.

    It can be the case that there is an ugly illegal relationship taking place between the businessmen of Mubarak and the army generals.

    F Gimmy and F Sissy, and all the corruption they represent.

  2. :( I feel for all of you who suffer these indignities. I feel for us too as we struggle in our country, but in a different way from the powers that be or want to be.

    As for the son of Mubarak? Did he ever have to pay the people of Egypt back one LE even? How about some piasters? Any possibility of seeing some cold hard cash for the people they stole from? Just like here, if you benefit from the Govt. its stolen monies.

  3. Thanks for allowing an outsider to comment on what undoubtedly is "internal affairs" Often when I traveled to Egypt people would ask me, "so what do YOU think of our current regime or President?"...asked to me by Egyptians.


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