Thursday, September 29, 2016

Only in Egypt , the high percentage of youth is a "disaster"

During the Scientific conference of the National council for Population on Sunday , head of Central Agency for public Mobilization and Statistics "CAPMAS" General Abu Bakr El-Gendy raised an important question about overpopulation and whether it was a bless or a curse insisting that it was curse currently.

In his speech , the former army general said that other countries envied Egypt for having high youth percentage as it is about 60% of its total population.

He also added that 75% of the current Egyptian population are under 40 years old and that 68% of the population are under 35% years old.

The former army general who got a masters degree in strategic resources management said that that high percentage of youth was a "disaster" in the current circumstances of Egypt !!

A video clip of the speech

I am so tired to argue but let's agree on something : The real disaster here was not having a high percentage of youth in Egypt , the real disaster was the mismanagement of youth , Egypt's biggest and most potential resource.
Rashid, Egypt
The boy and the sea from Rashid last week

In fact , the real disaster in Egypt is the mismanagement of all its resources above them the humans as well natural resources.

The Egyptian youth are not a liability , they are a great power and asset the Egyptian regime does not want to use or to be precise does not understand its power or importance because it fears it.

Unfortunately , this statement did not have the attention it deserved this week thanks to Rosetta boat tragedy and President El-Sisi's latest speech.

Ironically, that statement can be related to Rosetta boat tragedy and why youth want to leave the country and why the media cares less about the victims.

By the way , President El-Sisi declared in a previous speech that 2016 is "the Egyptian Youth's year"


  1. Its always interesting how those in power, the millionaires love to lord it over others and find fault with the majority who suffer from their greed, because the rich do not share the bounty. :( So NOW the poverty throughout Egypt and lack of any meaningful jobs available is the fault of those suffering?

  2. IN the 1960 s , Late/GREAT President Gamal ABDEL-NASSER tried,and very hard , population control policy..educating the population about birth control, through the Media and many other mediums,..i still remember that funny cartoon appeared in a magazine >> SABAH EL KHEIR(GOOD MORNING) if my memory serves me right, where an Egyptian middle class Lady with 5-6 children ,the caption read:What else we could do,we got no T.V set??? as back in 1960 owning a set was a real Luxury then..not only in Egypt but the WHOLE Arab countries, seems all such campaigns didn t help much, also like ,as once the Catholic church used to ban the use of birth tablets considering taking it a deadly ..sin as any ABORTION?..But when an individual whom can t feed himself or hardly does ,i consider it a crime to bring another to this world to STARVE,or even getting married at all,but as traditions/customs rule these societies ..this is difficult/in some other countries the authorities encourage couples to have more than 2 kids, but this doesn t suit EGYPT,...population increased over 60.000.000??..and poverty rife due to joblessness ,especially the youth unemployment..and the what s the solution to all that,now that EGYPT is enjoying PEACE ,since 1973 wars,all these combined together are driving any individual..Insane?! I, my humble self got no answer to this complicated riddle..even some others too i assume,charity starts at home ,as we say here, so if every home in crowded nations do their sacrifices ,their bit , in coming to term with what they asked to do to help & not to add oil to the fire by having more and more innocent OFF-SPRINGS that will be born just to be street wise & future ARAB-SPRING ..STREET MOBS.... All the very best from :I.B.London

  3. Dearest Zeinobia/..In my previous humble COMMENT ,about population growth in Egypt I did mention that 1960s Satyrical magazine s cartoon ,where a mother of 5-or-6 kids ,blamed,NOT owning a T.V. set for having more children?? ..well that was then ,but Today and for many long years not only in Egypt ,but everywhere around, even Amazon s jungle,not just each home got a T.V. set ,but every room in it?!Let alone the internet/mobiles/I-P..and other technology offspring,STILL,all such luxuries were not a deterrent to stop Population growth..anywhere..not just in EGYPT!.. Ancient Egyptian history mentions disasters of NILE river FLOODING,even few decades ago, & thats why Late President G.A,Nasser with Technical help from ,then The Soviet Union, built in ASWAN>>>AL SADD AL AA-LI,or The High/Great DAM ,back in the sixties of the last century?? But unfortunately failed to stop Human Flood..which will, or might have unhappy consequences in the very near future?? & worst what the Nile ever..DID!!/..SO owning a T.V. SET-S- or not, was not the reason,but it is every couples responsibility and awareness that can HELP,to put a brick stone in the New SADD AL AA-LI, that will be built by responsible couples stone over stone,without external Help too,by the sacrifices of the Good Egyptian couples,People..because any other solution will always have the flood water ...GET THROUGH!..I PRAY not!!///Regards from London/Is-Hak Barsoumian


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