Monday, October 10, 2016

A sign that tells you a lot about Egypt's economy now

That sign was seen in the upscale Seoudi supermarket on Wednesday telling their upper-middle-class clients new rules.
Seoudi market's announcement 

As we are keen to provide goods continuously to all our clients, we would like to hint out that the available quantity for each client from (sugar or oil or rice) is 2 packs or 2 bottles only.

I think this tells you how much the current economic  crisis is affecting Egypt and it began to echo in the privilege classes above them the Upper Middle Classes.

Friends tell me that similar hypermarket chains got similar restrictions including Carrefour especially when it comes to sugar.

It seems that we are having a sugar crisis in Egypt as its prices soared reaching to LE 10 if you find it in the market.

The minister of supply denies that there is "sugar crisis" and news reports speak about the dirty role of greedy suppliers.

It is like that we are back to the 1960s once again and its crises when it comes to food supply.

An ant male tells ant female : where shall
I find you sugar Fawzia ? I can not find
it in the market " By Anwar" 


  1. You haven't seen anything yet. The sissy will ruin it more unless the people do something. Yet the people of Egypt are used to slavery. They are weak, afraid, poor and ass kissers.

    Next phase socially: increase of crime rates, burglaries, robberies, attacks on your homes, more corruption in government offices, more kidnaps on the streets. Increase of violence

    Next phase economically: more widespread shortages of basic commodities, more credit restrictions, more printing of bank notes, gas shortages, more factories stopping, more business filing for bankruptcy.

    Only business associated with the generals (and old established crony businessmen like Farid Khamis, Mohamed ABolenin, Soliman Amer...etc.) will thrive and continue. Maybe the tourism industry is slowly trickling back to life...or that is just the media?

    Expect the worst economic crisis in Egypt since the time of the ottomans. History is a cycle that just repeats itself. Just check which part of history we are in. It doesn't have to be the same, but there are similarities.

    Well, the unrest in Egypt since 2011 has a role, but the biggest role in exacerbating it is the generals after 2013. In particular after 2014. He is just a complete moron.

  2. you reap what you sow. Sisi and his team just don't know what free market economics are about and think you can run an economy with a heavy statism hand. Sorry but there is no time in history in any country where that system has worked.


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