Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy new Hijri year 1438

Happy new Hijri year 1438 to all Muslims celebrating it around the globe.
Today marks the start of the first day in the first month "Muharram" in the Islamic Hijri year.
Really praying for peace this year in the Muslim world especially in the Arab world.
El-Siyada Zeinab Mosque
El-Siyada Zeinab Mosque in Cairo 


  1. Happy hijri new year to Zeinobia and her followers! May Egyptian Chronicles continue on from strength to strength.

  2. HAPPY NEW HIJRI YEAR , INDEED !!To ALL my MUSLIM Sisrers & Brothers everywhere generally , and the EGYPTIAN GOOD & SINCERE PEOPLE,and special greetings to all Egypt Chronicles keen & avid followers and of course to our Dearest ZEINOBIA ,all the Best Wishes and GOD given good health & success in each and every..WAY!!...And may the Holy Prophet and Salvation MESSENGER gets his fair and Rightfuliy Deserved position in GOD s presence, INNA ALLAH SAMII-ON WA MOUGIB, as he told us ALL in his Holy KURAN 1438 years ago..creator of me YOU,HIM,HER and ALL the Beautiful things ,be IT Moving or Still ,and gave us HUMANS this planet Earth to enjoy LIFE,to live & let live, and tolerate others whom are different in Colour/Looks/Size and their Beliefs..and live in HARMONY and EQUALITY side by side,.. human time on it is somehow Short & Limited , we all are Just VISITORS ,here to-day ,gone tomorrow,We come with nothing and we Leave ..empty handed,all we leave behind us our ..REPUTATION, and the Good we have done.....As King & Prophet SULEIMAN the WISE(Salam UL ALLAH Aleyhi) said in our Holy Book :>>THE WHOLE THING IS JUST A VANITY <<,meaning a make believe, For some a dream & for some others ,A long nightmare , that we wake up from when we farewell this material existence...SO i humbly say and wish GREAT PROPHET AL NABI MOHAMMED-(Salla ALLAH aleyhi Wa Sal-lam)- A HAPPY 1438 HIJRA ..and may all abide to his>>TRUELY<< given message (AMEEN) Best Wishes from is-hak Barsoumian/LONDON


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