Sunday, January 8, 2017

After Egyptian Jews and Egyptian Italians , it is time for Egyptian Armenians

You saw the Jews of Egypt and the Italians of Egypt , now it is time for Armenians of Egypt.
Here is the new "We are Egyptian Armenians" Documentary featuring the long history of the Armenian community in Egypt in the past 150 years.
You can see the trailer here.

WE ARE EGYPTIAN ARMENIANS TRAILER from waheed sobhi on Vimeo.

This documentary film's creators are director Waheed Sobhy, fantastic researcher and producer Hanan Ezzat "Whom you should follow on Twitter if you love really rare old photos of Egypt and screenwriter Eva Dadrian.

The documentary features the history of the Armenian community in Egypt in the past 150 years and the prominent Armenian Egyptians figures like Van Leo. The documentary started as a project dedicated to the famous photographer at first but it grew later to cover the bigger sector of the Armenian-Egyptian society.
Famous singer and actress Anoushka is appearing in the documentary speaking about herself and her family.

We are Egyptian Armenians
The film was screened at Cairo International Film Festival.
It also participated in International Documentary film festival in Amsterdam and Karama Human rights film festival in Jordan.
It already got very positive reviews from critics in Egypt and was considered one of the best Egyptian films produced in 2016 by Ahram Online.

Personally, I believe that those films are important especially now with the disgusting xenophobic wave taking Egypt as well the World especially in Europe and in the United States.
The Cosmopolitan Egypt can be restored easily if the media stops spreading xenophobia before anyone.


  1. URGENT PLEASE / RESPECTFUL ZEINOBIA, please please would you most kindly HOLD my comment i sent WRONGLY,and Incomplete + incorrect?? Ill be much obliged and re-send it ..SOON In-SHA ALLAH..thank you in advance/London /Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN

  2. WITH TEARS BLURRING MY SIGHT..AND EMOTIONAL FEW MINUTES ,I WATCHED THAT>really very intriguing Trailer about WE ARE EGYPTIAN ARMENIANS documentary, it made me feel at Home, as if my 37 years in diaspora..vanished in a blink of an eye, i felt as i was surrounded, once again with my OWN FAMILY MEMBERS that most of them & sadly enough,departed decades/years even One, few months ago my dear cousin >> YET-WART TAVIT Barsoumian(Eddie or Edward) in Beirut??...The good PEOPLE whom been interviewed in this trailer AMAZED me by their Loyalty and Devotion to their birth-place EGYPT!! and for being very PROUD Egyptians>> First<<..without ignoring their Armenian..ORIGINS/ROOTS!!Even thou i myself as a British citizen for almost over 2 decades ago/i love this country /The U.K/ that opened its arms for the likes of me...Its beautiful green parks all around me..HYDE PARK is just few yards away from where i dwell...if i wanted to recline under its HUGE tree^s shade...but i miss and long ,even for few minutes to enjoy that >shading< even under just a tree branch in AL SANAYEH PARK in BEIRUT or as renowned now-days Al MOAWWAD park as REMEMBRANCE to the name of The Martyr President Late Mr.Rene MOAWWAD?! ..This was once my & my classmates^ childhood Playground...our teachers took us there in the warm Spring time, for being close to my Armenian Evangelical >>HIGH SCHOOL<< circa 1950s & next to HAIGAZIAN Uni., my Mother tongue never abandoned my Heart & soul since,whenever i do pray ,or when problems surround me/us or any Armenian, i/we recite what ARMENIA^S Immortal LADY-POET Mrs SYLVA GABOUYDIKIAN wrote:<<..OO DESS VORTISS OOR EL LINESS,KO MAI-RET ANKAM MIDKITS HANESS,KO MA-YER LEZOON CHI-MORANASS>> meaning: LOOK HERE MY CHILD ,WHEREVER YOU GO OR BE IN THIS WORLD,EVEN IF YOU FORGOT YOUR OWN MOTHER...NEVER FORGET YOUR MOTHER TONGUE ?? sorry folks for the inconvenience?? /..So i say to the >>THIS, without exaggeration, SPLENDID/EXCELLENT<< documentary makers Respectful Director Mr. WAHEED SOBHI & his Respectful Producer Ms. HANAN EZZAT, plus Thorough appreciation to Ms.EVA DADERIAN for HER valuable Photo archive bless THEM all for their EFFORTS & valuable time they Spared,also EVERY INDIVIDUAL appeared in it..and made ME really FEEL PROUD to belong to this GREAT PEOPLE called THE ARMENIANS!!/ From London with my best wishes to all to enjoy watching this documentary:Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN

    1. Hello mr barsoumian am hanan ezzat one if the team of the film thanx so much for your comment
      I even send your comment to the director waheed sobhi looking forward to screen it in lebanon :)

    2. Oh by the way we are thinking to go to london i hope u can see it there

  3. you fell for fake news:

    1. okay but why did you post this comment here ?


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