Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New year From Egyptian Chronicles

Happy New Year From Egyptian Chronicles to all its readers from around the globe.
Happy New year
From me to you 
I hope that 2017 will be better inshallah than 2016.
Yes, all the indications when it comes to politics and economy say the opposite, that we will have hard year whether in Egypt or the world but God only knows what may happen in the upcoming 365 days.
I know it is a hard thing even for me with all that negativity around us but let's be optimistic.
For this occasion, I would like to share this hilarious video from Glocal website as an epic mashup of Egypt's top controversial and viral video clips.

And you must see the summary of 2016 in news by Glocal, it tells you a lot if you understand Arabic.

By the way, wait inshallah for more interesting topics, videos and photos on Egyptian Chronicles as usual in the new year.😀😀


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    1. Thanks , Happy new year to you Mr. Hamdy :)

  2. when will you get an award for your blog?

  3. A VERY PEACEFUL 2017 To YOU,Most Respectful ZEINOBIA + and ALL the Participants + The loyal Followers of Egyptian CHRONICLES...for showing their sheer personal interest/endurance & sparing their most valuable moments reading various subjects that interests every walk of name it..Egy.Chron, got it for you,I take this Great opportunity to congratulate Dear ZEINOBIA for HER Courage/Patience & most of all HER Open accept what will be GOOD for GENERAL INTEREST../some, One Liners ,others a bit longer & much detailed, a PLATFORM of DEMOCRACY,that we ALL long and look forward.. DAILY!!..GOD bless all HER sincere Efforts/Valuable Time/Tolerance even to matters HER good person may oppose..but not>> VETO << them, a remarkable attitude and much obliged by us all who send COMMENTS,and as>>i, my Humble self DO ,now & then & in sheer modesty!!and hounoured + delighted when it^s on this SPLENDID BLOG that WE ALL LIKE , & called THE EGYPTIAN CHRONICLES?? ..GOD bless ALL & << ALLAH LA YEHREMNA MIN ZEINOBIA WA MIN BLOG-HA AL RAA-EH>> meaning-->May The LORD Above, never deprive us from.. HER & HER AMAZING Blog??...and may 2017 BE much promising and prosperous for Both ,and ALL, + blessed with GOOD Health TOO!! BEST wishes From Is-Hak Barsoumian in London/Great Britain..... P/S Dear ANONYMOUS/I do agree with you about Zeinobia & Her Blog deserve AWARD-S< ,NOT JUST ONE, but HER Real Award is ALL The Blog followers^>>LOVE & DEVOTION!!


    1. Thank you so much Mr. Barosoumian :) Merry Christmas to you and to your family and happy new year :)))


  5. A VERY HAPPY EASTER (EID AL FOSSEH AL MAGIID) TO ALL ,EVERYWHERE IN THIS WORLD,MAY PEACE/SOON OR LATE,(Better SOON I HOPE) OVERSHADOW US..ALL! in The EAST/WEST/NORTH/SOUTH of this compact planet that we were given by the creator WHOM made all the beautiful things we see/hear/touch/smell/and taste,,not to destroy them but cherish it and make worthwhile,and to pass them on, to the next generations as we got it as AMANA,as GOD entrusted us to cherish it/protect it/care for it..with devotion,while we are being around,none of us will leave this mortal existence with anything but remembrance of our GOOD deeds/sow roses and tulips you get THIS < glorified day,I am not preaching or lecturing anyone, but if i my humble/little self did not abide by this motto for many many times ..i myself was HISTORY..long ago?!! /HAPPY EASTER TO ALL..I HOPE!!!GOD BLESS US ALL/ from London/Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN

  6. AL-MASSIH/The MESSIAH/A song by the Late&Great Egypt+Arab-world's immortal crooner of Yesterday's/Today's+Tomorrow's generations Mr.ABDEL HALIM HAFEZ in 1967..concerning the occupation of the Arab-JERUSALEM following the 6 day war?! ..Where HE mentions IT as the land where Christ->AL-MASSIH poured/Irrigated with HIS precious blood for Humanity's i was listening this GOOD FRIDAY/AL GOM3AA AL HAZINA/to this GREAT song...and how AL-MASSIH carrying HIS heavy CROSS through those narrow routes of that city,on VIA DOLOROSA road...beaten and humiliated by Roman soldiers and on-lookers' abuses,then nailed to the cross and left to die slowly, and buried later that afternoon,and HE was just 33y.old man,..then i remembered 3 months ago as we celebrated his 2016 birthday or CHRISTMAS of Baby JESUS...25th December.. &since!!The song asks:HOW many more MASSIH-S will it take for Justice to prevail in Palestine?? as one MASSIH after another were falling by the occupiers' bullets? That was then,SURELY beloved ABDEL HALIM,NEVER crossed HIS MIND ..EVEN ONCE all what was going to happen in all the neighbouring Arab countries ,as sadly HE passed away on 30 March 1977aged only 49y.o/ even though HIS Good-self did witness many other wars Egypt had, since His birth in 1929.. +2 years of Lebanese civil war lasted that 15 years? and made songs about them all as MODEST contributions on HIS behalf to war efforts,well at least AL-MASSIH(Christ)lived 33 years..till HE was a Middle-aged man WHEN DIED?!, but those little babies, thousands OF THEM -yearly dying.. GETTING slaughtered_+ murdered + Gassed,as recently we all witnessed,doesn't matter >WHO DONE IT< what matters is that WHY?OH WHY? had all this to 21st century,where plastic/cotton made >BARBIE DOLLS< more cared for than FLESH+BLOOD born children??, we as kids were punished or sometimes beaten by our parents for breaking our toys or our sisters' Dolls hand-s or leg-s, But now days children/toddlers ,some even never had the chances to open their little innocent eyes to see their own parents..let alone all the great GOOD things The ALMIGHTY created for us & them to ENJOY + witness or be impressed by?! One minute they just open their eyes next they shut due to a bullet or shelling..raining on them and their parents and least AL-MASSIH when died and we believe Resurrected again,took to heaven some GOOD/some BAD impression-s about Human Beings,but those Little victims never given a chance for one Good impression to accompany their journeys to eternity, but what EASES my frustration & anger is my FAITH that there is >A GOD< AS MUCH AS he is A LOVING GOD,AND FORGIVING ONE TOO,BUT HIS WRATH AND PUNISHMENT IS SEVERE,and if we the >HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW< beings think nailing to the CROSS is HARSH PUNISHMENT,of course it is ,but that all will seem as a PIC-NIC comparing to what THE ALMIGHTY has in store for all these murderers /culprits whoever they are hidden in sheep-skins, INNA ALLAH YOUMAH-HEL WA LA YOUH-MEL /GOD is patient..but please do not TRY HIS PATIENCE..and its in a blink of an eye..sometimes!!...GOD BLESS all The children of the world and keep them safe,AL-MASSIH will never let them..SUFFER MORE..because HE was the ONE who quoted that: HEAVEN BELONGS TO THE LIKES OF THEM..?!!London Is-hak Barsoumian

  7. "OKBALAK YAWM MILADAK...YA"Aaz el Nass...Habayibna" May GOD bless your sweet 40th departure memory TOO(March 30th/1977) the ARAB world MISSES YOU ..IMENSELY...Since then and MORE now much as you missed your parents since that day of your birth on JUNE 21st 1929 Friday!! as the Moslem world fasting in RAMADAN coming to its close after few days..May GOD & HIS most Beloved PROPHET(S.ALLAH A.WA SALLAM)Accept their faithfulness & loyalty THEY did to yours..while with us here...and may reward you for all your devotion & sincerity towards them with your belief & SONGS ..That praised them along the years you sang...and made us sing along and share those ..PRAISES.with our tears and sincere feeling..Once again i say?? ACTUALLY..we all say.."OKBALAK YOWM MILADAK/YA AGHLA AL NAS..AL ANDALEEB AL ASMAR ..ABDEL HALIM HAFEZ..Rest In GOD'S Heavenly PEACE!!/// Born in Mouhafazat AL SHARQIAH In Egypt-Friday 21st JUNE 1929-->Passed away in London's Kings College Hospital WED.30th MARCH 1977)HIS mortal body resting in CAIRO..but HIS sweet memory rests in every ARAB's Heart & Soul and Lips that sing along With HIM ..."FEE YAWM/ FEE SHAHR /FEE SANA"and many other Hundreds of LOVE + FAITH + HOPE-ful songs dedicated to Arab patriots...everywhere!!///From:Mr.NostalgiA/London/ or/Is- BARSOUMIAN(Wed.21June/2017).

  8. AN APOLOGY + A SPELLING CORRECTION?!....In my humble comment..above/about Mr.Abdel Halim Hafez... I said:"the ARAB WORLD MISSES YOU( Mr.ABDEL HALIM HAFEZ)
    IMMENSELY".. &not
    IMENSELY...SORRY dear followers!! Mr.NostalgiA/London


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