Tuesday, March 7, 2017

And the people demanded bread at first

Despite everybody was expecting something like this to happen but strangely when it happened on Wednesday, many were surprised.
Hundreds of Egyptians in several governorates protested because of the lack of subsidized breads in bakeries.
It started Tuesday afternoon in Alexandria when hundreds of protesters protested the decision of the supply ministry to reduce the quantity of subsidized bread quota to bakeries.
The protests were in Eastern and Western parts of Alexandria in the working class areas. The protesters began to catch attention when they blocked the famous tram track
In Alexandria: Protesters chant we want bread
They also blocked the train track.

In Alexandria : Protesters blocking the train track
More videos coming from Alexandria showing that we are not speaking about small protests here or there.
Strangely, nobody called for an organized protesting movement against the decision.
Sooner, the protests transferred to other governorates.
In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, women blocked the train traffic in Desouk city for several hours. The security forces managed to convince them to end their protest.
In Kafr El-Sheikh , protesters against the decision of the supply ministry
In Giza, there were similar protests in Imbaba, the famous working class neighborhood.
The protests reached Upper Egypt in the South. In Minya governorate, the people protested in several towns and villages.
Surprisingly, this is the second day of protesting. The protests started on Monday but on a very small scale that no one paid attention to.
In a rare wise move, the security avoided clashes with the protesters especially many of them were old ladies in popular working class areas and so any attack on them would result in a real violent reaction from the public.
Instead of clashing with the public, the security forces distributed loaves of bread in Alexandria for free.
Police distributing bread in Alexandria
Police distributing bread in Alexandria 
Sometimes, Egypt becomes a surreal country in its own way.
I have not seen any reaction from the Pro-regime e-battalion about Tuesday's protests so far.
"The_Break_uprising" hashtag in Arabic has been active and top trending in Egypt all day long.
Ali Moselhy, the minister of supply held a press conference later Tuesday to defend his ministry's decision. Despite apologizing for citizens for the lack of bread in the bakeries, the Mubarak-era minister who made a comeback in the latest ministerial insisted the decision was right.
This is just a small scene. Now, I wonder what will happen if more subsidized commodities are canceled as part of the IMF deal
I think those who run this country should remember this fact: On 28 January 2011 , Egyptians chanted "Bread, Freedom and Social Justice".
It started on Monday with demanding the bread


  1. May Allah swt give Egypt Honest
    People to govern justly.

    1. Get some Jewish technocrats to govern you justly. You'll be the talk of the town!

    2. Yeah for you Jewish are the best and know everything ???!!!!
      This Old Joke...

    3. I'm not Jewish, Hamdy, but I cannot help noticing that Israel is a modern first-world country full of Jews, mostly; while Egypt is mostly full of wretched, dirt-poor Muslims. It's a third-world hell hole.

      How can that be? Why can't Egypt get her shit together?!

    4. Israel is not so wonderful, and they have poverty there as well. The thing is they keep the land for Jews only, the numbers of Christians have dwindled, and the number of Arabs and Palestinians as well. The tons of money coming into that country from the U.S. they can use as they so desire and always have used it for themselves. They are extremely selfish people, and I've never yet met a selfish Palestinian or Egyptian for that matter. Have you even been to Israel Jason? Watch out they'll knock you over ....very rude there.

  2. OMG. Zeinobia, you are inadvertently spreading lies that have killed millions. Tens of millions. You believe that the government should create jobs and grow food. No. Just NO. The responsibility of the govt is to get out of the way and let farmers farm whatever they want and bakers bake whatever they want and everybody charge as much or as little as they like for their goods. If you do that, guess what. It's called capitalism and everybody gets rich. Soon you will be rolling in bread, loaf after loaf, more than you know what to do with, and you'll begin trading it with your neighbors, who make steel, and they'll get rich too.

  3. Oh God, give me strength, Jason's back! And now hes pushing Capitalism, which falls under its own greedy weight over time.

  4. IF Capitalism works so well Jason, then WHY do we have in the United States food stamps and welfare? We should all be rich by now with this experiment going on for the pat 200 years or more. You are spreading lies Jason

    1. Hi Deb, The answer to your question is given correctly by is-hak Barsoumian, below, who says "The poor and poverty will always be with us."

  5. I'm glad to know that all of us are rich here in the US under our capitalist system. Makes you wonder why we still need food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare, medicaid, social security, unemployment insurance, etc., etc.

    1. Americans are filthy rich compared with Egyptians.

  6. No, Zeinobia does not do that
    The Government should rule Justly,
    Set the right laws, distribute the Country,s wealth justly among it citizens and not o press or harass the
    Mohamed Aly starmed his rule by committing major crimes: the mascara in Cairo citadel and then taking all the farm land in Egypt and forced the people to work in the land with absolute minimum salary (falaheen)
    Then he made the few
    In his family and closers to him as
    Arestocrates give them the lady and names titles Pasha and Bek.
    The majority of the people did not have anything...no land to own and farm no money for education or health care and no choice until after almost
    150 years by the lRevolution.

  7. @Jason your crazy libertarian ideas belong south of the mason-dixon line or somewhere in montana!

    1. Sounds like you dislike southerners and libertarians.

  8. LET THEM EAT CAKE !! infamous Historical quot said in French by MARIE ANTOINETTE >the Last queen of France and the spouse of King LOUISE XVI,almost 2 centuries ago??..maybe she meant >Cake<,maybe something else??? whatever she was talking about one thing was clear that SHE never had any idea what was going down below them in their towns & cities,meaning the >Upper classsurviving in countries stricken with FAMINE,even flour scarce or not existing AT ALL,But EGYPT??Egypt? a country that once fed its neighbours most generously,enduring such Mishaps??SOMETHING/ SOMEWHERE has gone terribly>> WRONG!!,bearing in mind population growth + other Million or two visitors/tourists,added to it,almost 80M.people to provide each 2->3 portions of bread..daily/not very easy task!! and 4 months away from month of RAMADAN,as 1 month fasting could a bit ease the tension & turmoil of running after bread,..bread is A very essential thing..even in our prayers,be it in Any religion, WE do repeat this:>>AND GIVE US OUR DAILY BREAD!! because without IT and Water nothing else really..matters?!As in previous modest COMMENT i mentioned Lebanon sad events of 1915->1918 ,300.000,mostly children,lost their Precious lives in famine,imposed by occupying foreign tyrants then,also THE GREED of some Locals whom instead of feeding their near & far countrymen/women..and especially The CHILDREN,they HID any aid sent and doubled prices to become as NOUVEAUX RICHE or,Al MOSTAGHEL-LIN AL GOUDOD/this Elite,everywhere, BOTTLED countries GOD given water to sell, what was peoples* own, back to them,now it is The>>Numbered<:The poor and poverty will always be with us..
    & as it was since >>THE BEGINNING OF HUMANITY<< but at least do not make that POOR>>STARVE,Thank You Very MUCH!! From:Is-hak Barsoumian/London


  9. DEAR JASON...THIS IS Is-hak from London/allow me to take a small part in your and others comments..please??... One is Jewish or not is not the issue here,the thing is,..you mentioned Israel as modern nation,it had to be, as it came to exist 70 y.ago?? and in modern times TOO?!as ..science/technology were/are in their heydays,,For them, the dinner table was set/all they had to do was to join in and Eat?..same as for A second even third born child to any couple,while the first born boy or girl IS any parents first trial/experience..that they practice on ,while the ones born afterwards will find things...much convenient awaiting for them, such as prams/Baby-beds/toddlers* essentials??..But those regional countries such as Egypt/Syria-Lebanon/Iraq and others around have been there for many many centuries if not for many Millennials, facing wars..invasions..revolutions all that,let alone natural disasters between now and then such as droughts/famines etc/etc.. Even though some Jews stayed put ,others dispersed all around the globe ,for almost 1800 years??..Ofcourse in diaspora they suffered a lot no one can deny that but the elite RICH built their financial empires in Europe then in America..millions of Jews in Poland/Hungary/Prussia/Germany and around endured poverty..tremendously,nobody claims Jews/all Jews were or are rich,the GREATEST worry that any Israeli administration suffers from is: THE DAY WHEN THE ARAB & JEWISH >POOR< UNITE AGAINST...INJUSTICE/ ,protesting against their NEEDS/?!!That^s why building settlements housing the low-incomed Israelies..is to avoid such U>N>I>T>Y!!..Arab countries were always under occupation one after another by foreign invaders, conquerors never given the opportunity to Recover,never given a chance even to put A cover on the table,let alone SET their tables to EAT,as i mentioned in the beginning of this comment/above!...Egyptian revolution 1952 was a first >Head-rising< experience Arab world in the modern ages ever had,even though Lebanon got its independence from France in 1943 and Syria too around then?..but the continuous attacks on Egypt/Syria/Jordan carried on til 1967? and beyond for Egypt+Syria of->1973!!followed by the occupation of Iraq in 2002,the poor & poverty is with us since the beginning of human history and will always stay..as long as there is Greed/Selfishness/Thieving/Injustice and ANY PERSON thinks that the Creator done all such mighty things only for HIS or HER pleasure and their ONLY>motto:APRES MOI LE DELUGE/or quoting:> As long as I am OK Jack<<(syndrome-s)?!!Stay fit/best wishes from:London/Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN


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