Friday, March 10, 2017

Me and Ultras "Asmahan"

From Nine years ago, I was like millions of Egyptians who watched admirably the TV series " Asmahan" which was based on the short life of famous Syrian Singer "Asmahan".
Like any other talkative Egyptian who has an opinion about everything, I wrote a post about Asmahan and what I think about her based on the TV series and a couple of books as well articles I read.
Up till now I get comments, mostly angry comments with threats from Asmahan "Ultras" fans.
I used to comment back that this is my personal space and you can send back a post to defend your point of view so I can publish it.
I have received another angry comment calling me names in the past 48 hours and it made me think about what I wrote from 9 years ago.
I read the blog post on Friday and it is great to return back to read what I had written then and compared with what I think now.
I can admit easily that I was harsh in my first opinion about Asmahan which was based upon a couple of books and a TV series.
Asmahan's life was an enigma without a doubt.
Just like from 9 years ago, I would say that even if a young lady living in the West had a similar life, she would be a legend and a talk of the town till our day.
Just like from 9 years ago, I would say that she was a victim of a man's world starting from her father who abandoned her family in Cairo.
Even the books wrote about her either demonizing her or making her the Mother Teresa were written about men.

Just like from 9 years ago, I would say that that woman lived like there was no tomorrow.
Just like from 9 years ago, I would say that her troublesome life and sudden death in addition to her voice turned her to a legend
Just like from 9 years ago, I would say that Asmahan wanted to live like a Princess in Cairo.
She was troubled person without a doubt.
I feel that from 9 years ago that I tried to understand why a woman was gifted a voice like hers and beauty like hers as well opportunities in life whether as a singer in Egypt or as a Princess in Syria with her daughter ended like that. I feel that I was angry when she rejected those opportunities.
Simply neither the famous shallow TV series nor the books I read then gave a logic answer especially when it comes to Asmahan, we are talking about politics, arts and Arab world in WWII.
 It is a toxic mix knowing just the names involved in the life of that woman who seemed lost between glamour, glory and freedom.
What I failed to understand then is that she was not meant to have those opportunities.
Her gifts from voice , beauty and lineage were also her curses that eventually led to her death if it was really a murder and not just a car accident.
Why do I write this post now?
Again, I read that post and I felt that I was harsh especially that I described her "Selfish".
Now, I know that humans and life are complicated.
To her angry fans in 2017,
Chill and listen to her songs instead of attacking and threatening a talkative blogger like me who got a trashy blog like mine.
You won't prove your point calling me names and Asmahan's legend won't be affected about what I wrote. 


  1. KOULLONA>YOUSSEF(BEK)WAHBI??Actually i chose this site to edit my Humble comment,because & somehow there is some slight connection here,as OUR late/great cinema/song LEGEND Lady ASMAHAN(Amal ATTRASH)in HER last acting movie ,where SHE passed away in life & in the movie>both<, called :GHARAM WA INTIKKAM>(Love & Vengeance)?! with co-partner & HER lover in the film/Theatrical Giant Late Mr. Youssef(BEK)Wahbi or you can say (WAHBEH)too..?!..Because in most of HIS theatrical plays,at least 5->7 characters get murdered..AT LEAST! HIS plays/films all were renowned by such losses..generally speaking,one should keep the SCORE when watching..or things might get out of hand? (BEK) or BEY a Turkish term meant>Lord or Duke,an Ottoman invented title given to the wealthy or army chiefs,and being Mr.WAHBI ,THE LAWRENCE OLIVIER of the Arab theatre, was in person a a modest and amusing..sweet man/& a superstar,twice i had the pleasure of seeing HIM very closely, in 1971 or 72 on Beirut Cinema/theatre AL EMIR-stage,in a play .second time was HIM with HIS hand on the cheek,as coming out of a Lebanese Dentist^s clinic, around same period of time!! Now WE are all Youssef BEK Wahbi..HOW you may ask??..because when we hear any incident or warring news ,first thing comes to our minds,a rhetorical question:HOW MANY..DEAD?? if keeping the SCORE is essential thing,forgetting that (1) is too many in an human loss..& anywhere!! As i,an second question was ,when i was in Lebanon, decades ago..: ANY ARMENIANS?? for many long years..whenever any disaster or blasts first question is always : WERE THERE ANY LEBANESE or ARAB VICTIMS?before anything else i ask? A question,I ASSUME, Mr.Wahbi would^t ever asked in any of HIS Masterpiece DRAMAS!i pray to god that we NEVER start keep the score of victims of HUNGER/FAMINE/BREAD shortages in anywhere on our planet,even though some African nations ALREADY..S U F F E R I N G now-days of such CALAMITIES?,...PLEASE GOD,NO MORE!! and may Madam ASMAHAN & YOUSSEF BEK both Rest In Heavenly PEACE!!..yours truly Is-Hak Barsoumian/London


  2. ---UM KALTHOUM Remembered----1898--- Monday--February 3--1975-------
    is-hak sahaG Barsoumian/ London/G-Britain Saturday Feb.2 2019(For Sunday 3rd FEBRUARY)--------ANSSAKI----YA SALAM---AHOU DAL'LI MOUSH MOMKEN ABADAN)


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