Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Egyptian X-Files : Who sent that SMS ?

I want to write about that war crime in Syria as well El-Sisi's historical visit to D.C
I also want to finish that report about the new media empires in Egypt and at the same time upload tons and tons of pictures and videos to share with you.

Yet suddenly something happens in Egypt to change all your plans.
The Mysterious SMS
The SMS 
On Tuesday evening, many Egyptians got on their mobile phones a strange news SMS that in other countries can turn things upside down.

At 9.41 PM Cairo local time, Subscribers of Al-Watan Daily Newspaper' Breaking News SMS service received a message claiming that Pro-Ahmed Shafik army commanders started a military coup.
Yes, the subscribers of the Pro-regime Daily Newspaper got that SMS puzzling them. The country was quiet and everything was normal on Wednesday. Yes, the President is abroad but things are calm.

Honestly, I was worried that something would happen at night.
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is currently visiting Washington and he met with Trump on Monday.
Soon, Al-Watan newspaper said that its Breaking News SMS service was hacked and hacker sent that SMS.

The newspaper's publisher Mohamed Al-Amin is said to be currently in the United States as part of the media delegation covering El-Sisi's visit to D.C. I can imagine him after knowing what happened back in Cairo.

The newspaper's editors appeared on TV channels claiming that that was an attempt by those "evil people" to distract the people from Sisi's successful visit.
On Wednesday, the former Presidential candidate spoke from Dubai on air on Dream TV 2 stating he knew nothing about that "Al-Watan SMS" describing it as a "childish act" that should be investigated.

Ahmed Shafik speaking about the SMS
He also denied rumors that he was suffering from Alzheimer.
Interestingly, Shafik said that he did not "make up" his mind about the upcoming presidential elections in 2018.
Shafik is still considered a rival to Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Already on Thursday, we found Pro-regime Youm 7 newspaper managing editor and conspiracy for hinting that "he may run in the upcoming 2018 presidential elections". El-Hawary said in his interesting Op-ed that Shafik belonged to a corrupted regime aka Mubarak regime that faced a huge revolution !!! Yes, El-Hawary who says 25 January revolution is a conspiracy; describes it as a huge revolution.
Ahmed Shafik in UAE
Ahmed Shafik in UAE 
theorist Dandrawy El-Hawary slamming the former PM
Interestingly, the infamous managing editor separates between the Egyptian armed forces and that regime and do not even ask.

Anyhow, I wonder who was behind that strange SMS !??? Already that hacker had million other fake news that could turn Egypt upside down and yet he or she chose that coup SMS.
Why did they choose Shafik? Does Shafik still have supporters in the army in the first place?
There are many questions in my mind.
Speaking about Shafik, there is one million dollars question that is needed to be asked
When will Ahmed Shafik return from his self-exile in UAE?

The man has not got any legal problem to stop him from coming to Egypt and yet he is still staying in UAE.
Also, why is the media ignoring that strange SMS? 


  1. The purpose of this SMS is to make you think and react exactly the way you did.
    You guess, you wonder and run what-if scenarios.
    It is a textbook psychological warfare run by the regime against the people.

    1. Do you mean to be saying that Z is the regime's dupe? No, she isn't.

  2. It will be of interest to see what
    Ala al Aswany say about all of that.


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