Friday, May 19, 2017

Seen in Cairo : A Talaat Harb building

A beautiful building

Another very beautiful building in Downtown Cairo.
This time it is at Talaat Harb street. I think it was renovated.
Via : Instagram 


  1. The buildings you select to document with your photo series in this blog always make me a little sad. I agree with your choices. Everybody does! Well, everyone except architects. They regard our taste as unsophisticated. And when I say "our taste" what I mean is of course beautifully decorated old buildings with lots of artistic flourishes. Today's architects regard decoration of any kind as embarrassingly out-of-touch. They think we are rubes. Yokels.

  2. BEST REGARDS TO YOU> Respectful Zeinobia !! NICE FACE-ADD /or a building, FACADE as a NATIONAL HERITAGE?? As LATE/GREAT TALAAT HARB Pasha,was HIMSELF a person WHOM had deep influence in Egypt's 20th Century's HERITAGES'+ ARTS>FIELDS(Was Born on25/Nov.1867-> D:13 Aug.1941)!!WELL That's what i think(Just My Personal modest opinion)-- Regards from Mr.NostalgiA<is-hak Barsoumian/London-G.Britain


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