Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where is El-Adly !!!???

"Where is Habib El-Adly ??" A question that was raised in Egypt since early May about Mubarak's notorious minister of interior.

It started on 6 May when suddenly we found Pro-regime TV host Lamis El-Hadidy asking that question and wondering why the police had not arrested the former interior yet.
She also wondered if he ran away.
Habib El-Adly
Former minister Habib El-Adly during the killing of the
protesters trial in 2011 "Reuters"
El-Adly was sentenced in April by a Cairo criminal court 7 years in prison for illicit gains of LE 2 billion from the ministry of interior from the year 2000 to 2011 in a famous trial known in the media as "The interior ministry corruption case".

Already in November 2016 , he was placed under house arrest in the same trial by the orders of the Cairo criminal court in his villa in 6th of October city.
I think that Villa is at the Police compound in the Upscale Sheikh Zaid district if I am not mistaken.

It was the first time in the mainstream media someone brought up this subject which most people actually forget.
The following days you would hear the people asking openly on social media "where is El-Adly !?" whereas there was a complete silence from the ministry of interior.
Soon on 10 May, we found security sources telling Al-Masry Al-Youm Daily that the security forces went to the notorious minister's house to arrest him according to the court ruling and they could not find him !!!

On the same day ,Youm 7 quoted unnamed sources allegedly close to El-Adly himself saying that he did not run away.
The sources added that he was still at his house holding on to his right to appeal against the court's verdict without handing himself over to the authorities.
On Monday, the interior ministry officially reported to the prosecution that Habib El-Adly escaped.
This was the first official announcement that El-Adly is a fugitive.
On Tuesday, Habib El-Adly lost the appeal against the 7-year prison sentence.
He must surrender to be sent to jail accordingly.

The infamous ex-minister also lodged an appeal before a court of cessation, but a final verdict has not yet been reached.
El-Adly's defense team is claiming that he is still in town and did not escape !! His lawyers say that he will show up in front of the court of cessation.

Currently ,rumors say that he may have left the country to UAE where he joined former PM Ahmed Shafik.
The policeman to the alien: Have you seen Habib El-Adly
"by Abdullah" 
I got too many questions.
First, why was not Habib El-Adly arrested in April ??
Already this man was under house arrest and yet he managed to escape !! How did this happen ??
Only now the ministry of interior remembered his arrest after it was brought up in the media ??
Also, Why did the pro-regime media suddenly remember El-Adly !?
I do not understand the reason why Habib El-Adly did not reconcile with the current administration or to be precise the military.

On Tuesday also, MP Mostafa Bakry demanded the Parliament to discuss the escape of El-Adly requesting at the same time the attendance of the current minister of interior.
Bakry told the reporters at the House of the Representatives that the "facts" pointed that "someone" helped the former minister to escape. He added that El-Adly was allowed to go "free" by the "ministry of interior" despite court sentence !!

Bakry's affiliations are clear to everyone on that Planet.

In those two weeks, #El-Adly hashtag in Arabic has been active in Egypt. Most tweets are angry ones mocking the security forces for not arresting him accusing them of being loyal to him.

Interestingly in all that Egyptian remake of "The fugitive" nobody thought of picking up the telephone and asking El-Adly's wife, the famous journalist Elham Sharshar about her husband's whereabouts.
The editor-in-chief of El-Zaman newspaper surely knows where her husband or did she disappear as well !??
Her column in El-Zaman newspaper has not been updated since 30 April despite the website it is updated on a daily basis.
Of course, I wonder where she pays the salaries of those reporters and writers working with her.
Still, her Facebook page carrying her name is active, in fact very active and very religiously devoted !!
She speaks about the importance of dawn prayer to Muslims.

Updated on Thursday @11:49 PM 

Mrs. Elham Sharshar was summoned to the prosecution earlier Thursday where she was interrogated for nearly 10 hours. Sharshar said that she did not know where her husband whereabouts adding that she was abroad when he was sentenced to jail !!!!!!

If I am not mistaken Habib El-Adly is the first former minister of interior on the run in Egypt. That's an achievement somehow.
Now officially, Habib El-Adly is convicted of corruption ad he is also a fugitive.

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