Saturday, September 23, 2017

Seen in Cairo : Another Nile view with questions about its future With GERD

Egypt's Nile

 And who could get bored of a scene like that?
 From Egypt’s Giza, an overview of Cairo’s towers and buildings on the other bank of River Nile.
In case you do not know, Egypt's foreign affairs minister Sameh Shoukry expressed official Egyptian concerns concerning the late and delayed technical studies of the Ethiopia's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam "GERD" at last somehow. 

Do you still remember Ethiopia's Biggest dam that may affect Egypt's share of Nile River negatively but Ethiopia denies so ??

Ethiopia's GERD
A recent photo of GERD
"Hany Ibrahim"
Egyptian officials are telling nothing to the public and it seems that they are at last expressing Egypt's concern.This means we should be afraid, very afraid. It is not a big secret that Egypt is alone in that dam's issue "despite Sudan will suffer as well" and it is not a bigger secret that Ethiopia is building the dam giving no damn for real about what our country can do.

The Ethiopians played very well. There is no use now for those technical studies Egypt has been officially requesting and there is no time for doing modifications in the dam's design because the dam has been already built from what I and others have seen in its recent photos.

By the way, Egyptian officials began to ask the help of Europe in that matter.

I do not know when our media will ask questions.

Personally, I am not against the development of any African country or any other country but not at the expense of millions of Egyptians who consider the Nile in their living. 


  1. The Egyptians accepted and support General Sissy to solve this problem. They should trust his wisdom and ability to solve it. They deserve what their choice will yield. It is their choice and their own chosen fate. They reap what they sow.

  2. WE Ethiopians have the right to utilize our natural resources,without the consent of any country including Egypt.


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