Tuesday, December 5, 2017

#Jerusalem _Capital_of_Palestine : We Will fight with Hashtags or How we enter wars with words only “Updated”

Updated on 6 December 2017

And in a miserable reckless move to achieve a fake internal victory among his radical right wing supporters, U.S president Donald Trump recognized the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel giving his orders to transfer the U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to the officially occupied city.
I do not need to say that this man made my blood boil while listening to his crappy speech showing how much he is braver and smarter than other former U.S president who had actually brains not to take that step.
Donald Trump just gave a kiss of life to all radical groups in the region above them Daesh and Al-Qaeda.
I must say that with his so-called historical decision earlier , the 45th President of the United States broke at least three UN security council resolutions :
  • UN security council resolution No.242/1967 which stipulates the complete Israeli military withdrawal from the territories it occupied in June 1967 including East Jerusalem.
  • UN security council resolution No.478/1980  which rejects the Israeli government’s decision then to annex East Jerusalem and declare Jerusalem as its official capital.
  • UN security council resolution No.2334/2016 which states that the council does not officially recognize changes changes made to Israel's borders post-1967, other than those agreed by the two sides through negotiations.
The official Arab reaction above the Egyptian reaction came as expected : condemnation and we refuse the decision …bla, bla, bla !!
Unfortunately , Egyptians cannot protest such decision like in the old days due to the Protest law.

With the next few hours, the Middle East is waiting anxiously U.S President Donald Trump’s official announcement to transfer the U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as an official capital of Israel in a complete defiance to all the warning he received from world leaders.
After the telephone call between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Trump Wednesday afternoon, it was clear that the man in the Oval won’t change his mind.
What are we going then?
Well, the assistant of the League of Arab States “LAS” secretary general Hossam Zaki has got a nice idea: We should write more on social media using #Jerusalem_Capital_of_Palestine “Extensively” !!

This Facebook post published by the Egyptian diplomat veteran summarizes the despair we have reached.
If this is Hossam Zaki, then what is left to me as Zeinobia to do, the so-called blogger and social media activist as journalists like to call me !?
This really angers me because it shows how those who seem to be in charge are clueless !!!
I guess a man like him knows that we, the Arab and Muslim people can not change the fate of a city like Jerusalem with hashtags.
Ironically, Pro-regime TV hosts like Amr Adeeb and Ahmed Moussa had the same message to the public that we should address the American president through social media !!
I wish it was that easy and simple.

Palestinian Jerusalem
The beautiful Arabic Palestinian Jerusalem by
Fadi Amirah
It is interesting though to find Zaki saying that “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” when the current Egyptian administration says that “East Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian State” !!
This is beside the infamous the miracle children of the world-Kushner and MBS’ peace plan that involves a chunk of Sinai as part of the Palestinian state and a small village East of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt spoke with Trump on Tuesday emphasizing “Egypt’s position that Jerusalem should maintain its current legal status within the frameworks of the international and UN resolution” !!

It is interesting to see that Sisi did not inform Trump Egypt’s direct and complete rejection of the transfer of the U.S embassy instead of using those indirect phrases !! “Maintaining the city’s current legal status within frameworks of the international rules and UN relevant UN resolution !!” I highly doubt that the current POTUS fully understood that !!

Now I think about it, I believe that the current leaders in the Middle East and the Muslim world won’t do nothing if Trump goes on with his plans and that’s why he will do it.

Those leaders won’t call for a boycott of American companies and products in an effective way to send a message that Trump will understand as a businessman very well. If the Gulf countries decided to suspend all their military purchases from the U.S, that will be a strong message… in another time.
Those leaders won’t even call their ambassadors from Washington D.C for consultation.

My bet is always on the people of Palestine, not the PLO or Hamas or any other Palestinian political group. It is the people of Palestine.
May God protect and save Jerusalem as well the world from those fools ruling it right now.


  1. May God forgive us for our weakness.
    May Allah swt support the People of Palestine for their long strugle.
    And reward them with freedom and Victory.

  2. "To move the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem" was a campaign promise of Trump, so he'd look bad if he didn't do it.

    Maybe this will turn out to be a good thing for the Middle East, just because it changes the status quo and shakes things up a bit. Let's wait and see, before passing judgement.

    But what about all the other embassies. Will they be moving to Jerusalem too? It makes most sense for everyone's embassies to be in the same city. Nobody is going to want to travel between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (an hour's drive each way) for meetings and stuff.

  3. السفارة الامريكية في القدس
    "علشان تبنيها"

  4. As usual Jason does not understand anything and does not care to understand
    He should be serious.

    1. That's almost perfect! Only thing lacking is a period at the end of the first sentence. I am 100% serious when I say "Good job, Hamdy!"

    2. He's showing a complete lack of understanding of the history and politics of the region.

    3. If I don't understand, please explain.


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