Saturday, January 27, 2018

Egypt's Presidential Elections 2018 : It is a mad violent one-man show

First of all happy #Jan25 ya people of the world, especially our great people of Egypt. Tonight we are having a crazy episode of the Egyptian Presidential Elections 2018 race, a violent one
Second, since early Saturday and Egypt has one thing to speak about: How former top auditor Hisham Geneina was physically assaulted and spent hours in a New Cairo Police Station bleeding till he was transferred to a proper hospital.

Hisham Geneina after the attack
Hisham Geneina after the attack
"Ziyad El-Elaimy"
Early Saturday, the former head of Accountability of State Authority was heading from his house to the State Council, where he is appealing against the presidential decree that dismissed from his position as Egypt’s top auditor.
upscale New Cairo to Giza to attend his lawsuit in front the State

According to his wife and daughter who spoke to the media, he was stopped by another car full of thugs who attacked and assaulted him few blocks away from his house. Geneina called his wife as the thugs tried to get him from the car as far as I understood. Geneina's wife, his eldest daughter Shorouk and the guard as his building hurried to see him only to find the thugs attacking him madly.

So the people called the police as far as I understood and the police came and took the reformist judge to the First Settlement police station where he was left there without any medical care despite the pleas of his family.

Soon ,prominent political activists hurried to his support.
The photos taken at the police state and published by former MP and leftist political activist Ziyad El-Elaimy speak alone
Hisham Geneina told the activists and lawyers who hurried to his help that thugs were allegedly trying to abduct him but as more people showed up , they beat him brutally.
After many hours at the police station , he was transferred to the hospital.
He was admitted to the ICU for 24 hours. As far as I read , he could not answer of the prosecution which is investigating the attack.

Hisham Geneina after the attack
Geneina as he was transferred to the hospital
According to some sources , he was admitted to the hospital after the interfere of the current Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek who turned to be a friend to Geneina since High School.
Anonymous Sources in  Egyptian interior ministry “MOI” had another version of what happened in the media and that version says Geneina along his wife and daughter attacked and injured three young men who transferred to the hospital to receive treatment.

Those young men reported the Geneinas claiming that judge did not hit them alone but his wife and daughter gave him a hand.

According to the doctors that saw the photos of those young men and their injuries online , their injuries were more self-inflected.
Anyhow that was not first surprise that would blow up that whole story.

It turned out of the injured young men is a well known thug who participated in the attack against the journalists syndicate in 2016 and already had a similar documented case where he claimed a former police officer attacked him.
That former police officer was among the police officers who tried to have a union for policemen from couple years ago.
News Website Cairo 24 reported and published the official prosecution’s documents.
Shortly after publishing those documents , Cairo 24 was blocked in Egypt !!!

SO what is the relation between the Presidential elections and Geneina ?
Well Geneina is among the presidential team of presidential hopeful Sami Anan.
The former Egyptian army Chief of staff announced from two weeks ago that if he was elected as a president , he would Hisham Geneina as a vice-president.

Speaking about Anan, his family reported that it was not unable to locate him after his arrest for at least 72 hours.

On Saturday, renowned human rights lawyer and member of quasi-National Council for human rights “NCFHR” Nasser Amin announced that Anan’s family hired him to defend the Lt.General and he accepted the mission because he believes in his innocence and his right to have fair trial.
At 6.47 PM Cairo local time , the veteran lawyer announced on twitter that he had just finished visiting Lt.General Anan at the Military prison.

He did not reveal more information about the case on twitter but BBC correspondent Hanan Razek said on Twitter that Amin told BBC that Anan was facing one only and that is violating military rules by declaring his candidacy for presidency before ending his relation with the army.
Interestingly, the Egyptian army’s General Command said in its communique that the former leading member of SCAF was facing three charges and not only one
Interesting things happened at Al-Wafd Party but this is another episode as I can’t open my eyes.


  1. Unbelievable.
    What is going on in Cairo?

  2. Yet another mu3agiza from the brave Zeinobia. What's disconcerting is that very few people care.


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