Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Egypt’s Presidential Elections 2018 : Khaled Ali Quits the race too

Thursday evening, renowned rights lawyer Khaled Ali declared in a press conference in Cairo that he would not continue in the Presidential Elections due to the lack of any possibility for competition.

Ali announced that he would not present his Presidential candidacy documents including the endorsements he and his campaign collected to the National Elections Authority “NEA” as planned on 25 January because of the absence of any possibility for true competition.
Khaled Ali
Khaled in the press conference "Samir Abdullah" 
Ali also attacked the NEA for ignoring the violations committed during the nomination phase including the theft of nomination endorsements in several governorates.
The NEA also rejected to share the number of endorsements he received officially as not his headquarters do not all receive the endorsements but they are sent electronically to the authority from notary offices as far as I understood.

Technically, most of the political figures and powers “which currently are described as opposition now” I know in Egypt called Khaled Ali and his presidential campaign to quit and withdraw from the race especially after what happened to the former military chief of staff and presidential hopeful Sami Anan on Tuesday.

Following the arrest of Anan, Ali’s campaign declared that it was holding a meeting to discuss the latest developments on Tuesday. I spoke with his campaign spokesperson that they would hold a press conference on Wednesday as they discussed all the scenarios in front of them.
Anan is officially arrested and is being interrogated at the Military Prosecution but his family told Mada Misr that they do not know his whereabouts !!
Thus, it is an officially-one-man presidential race after all.

Earlier Monday while President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was attending the celebration of the 25 January as Egypt’s Police National day at the Police academy in New Cairo, his presidential campaign spokesperson and legal advisor Ahmed Bahaa Abu Shouka presented his Presidential candidacy documents from endorsements.

El-Sisi is the only man so far to admit his candidacy papers. It has become officially a referendum.
According to the Presidential elections law, he can be declared the winner by the votes 5% of the registered voters only. We are speaking about 5 million voters I think.

Pro-regime TV hosts are angry and frustrated. They are freaking out that the turnout will be more disastrous than in 2014 Presidential elections’ turnout. They just want to have a scene to the world as well not to embarrass the international allies and partners.

They are attacking Khaled Ali but at the same time, they feel sad and frustrated. They need someone to complete that charade in a way or another.

Mostafa Bakry and Amr Adeeb are both hinting out that former Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi may run again !!

I know if Sabbahi does it again, he will end his political career for real.
Time will tell if Sabbahi will do it again.

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