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Egypt's Presidential Elections 2018 : The initial unsurprising list of presidential candidates

Al-Ahram Newspaper
State-owned Al-Ahram Daily's Front Page of 31 January 2018 issue 

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Egypt’s National Elections Authority “NEA” published its official initial list of Presidential candidates as an advertisement in State-owned al-Ahram Daily's Front page on Wednesday.

Unsurprisingly, the two only initial Presidential candidates for elections 2018 are current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the leader of Ghad Party Moussa Ahmed Moussa.

The NEA listed as well the number of endorsements each candidate received from MPs in the House of Representatives and citizens in at least 15 governorates across the country.

Current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi got endorsements from 549 MPs in the House of Representatives and 161,707 citizens across the country while his last-minute rival, the leader of Ghad Party Moussa Ahmed Moussa got endorsements from 20 MPs in the parliament.

Ironically, Moussa Moussa "just like Missa Missa of Death Note" claimed in his bizarre presser following his last-minute candidacy on Monday that he submitted 45,000 endorsements from citizens across the country in addition to the endorsement of 20 MPs in the parliament.

He did not give the press a good or even logic answer on how he got those 45,000 endorsements in that short time. Not to mention, he gave a different number in every interview between 45,000 and 46,000 !!!

Wait inshallah for a nice post dedicated to Moussa Moussa.

On the other hand, El-Sisi's Campaign claimed also on Monday that it managed to collect endorsements from 596 MPs and more than 900,000 citizens from every town and village in Egypt !!

For the sake of time, the campaign presented to the NEA only 170,000 endorsements.

I do not know if Sisi campaign lies like Moussa Moussa or not but I know that in the past few weeks, people from poor classes were mobilized to issue endorsements for Sisi in notary offices across the country in return of money.

According to the Egyptian Constitution and Presidential elections law, the presidential hopeful must submit among his candidacy documents, the endorsements of at least 20 current MPs in the parliament or endorsements of at least 1000 citizens in 15 governorates across the country.

The NEA published this list including the number of the endorsement in Egypt's two major state-owned newspapers Al-Ahram Daily and Al-Akhbar Daily in accordance with the Presidential Elections Law of the year 2017.

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