Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 11 “Spiritual Seclusion”

Sorry for the delay in posting this episode of our annual Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast.
Here is the 11th episode of our tale for this year, the Amazing tales challenge.
You can refresh your mind and remember what happened last night by checking last night’s episode.
Tonight’s episode is No.272 in the record of the Egyptian State radio’s One Thousands and One Nights show written by Taher Abu Fasha and created by Mohamed Shaaban.
You can listen to the new episode after the break.

Ruins by Edmund Dulac
Ruins by Edmund Dulac
The two evil Ifrits’ plan seems to be working as the old High Priest of the Djinn Kingdom has fallen to their honey trap.

The old man even agrees to go with them to their homeland island allegedly to bless them and bless it but for real he wants to save Rouh from her allegedly abusive husband.

He agrees to meet them in secret shortly before sailing outside the grand temple through a secret door.

The Old High Priest tells his followers in the Grand Temple that he would enter a spiritual seclusion for 40 days “Khalwa” and that he should not be disturbed. 

He then left them and met Rouh and Noah.

The three took a ship in the Middle of the Night.
Rouh and her so-called Husband Noah knew where the ship was truly heading to: The Underground Kingdom of Ifrits.

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