Monday, July 30, 2018

The Road to Egypt World Cup 2030 : 30 Football fans allowed in Egyptian Premier league's matches

Egypt’s Premier League will kick-start within hours in Alexandria with a football match between Ittihad Alexandria and El Mokawloon at Alexandria Stadium.
Both teams are allowed to get 15 football fans only to watch the game in the stadium, which in total of 30 football fans.
This is according to the Egyptian Football Association “EFA”’s orders concerning this season of the Egyptian Premier League.
The EFA said that each club got 15 fans officially and temporary to watch the local tournament this season.
Ironically the football team members will be more in numbers than its fans.
Ahly fans by AFP
Ahly fans by AFP 

The head of tournaments at EFA Amer Hussein said that if we asked about why the public could watch the matches at the stadium then we should ask the interior ministry.
I respect the honesty of Hussein, this is the truth we all know about in Egypt.

The announcement of the EFA comes just two weeks after the announcement of Egypt’s minister of youth and sports Ashraf Sobhi declared boldly that our country was seeking to host World Cup 2030.

I am afraid that to win the bid for World Cup 2030 Egypt must start from now to allow football fans to watch the Egyptian Premier League in bigger numbers with fewer security measurements aside from building big stadiums and fixing about thousand other things.

The Egyptian authorities had decided that the public would not attend local football matches following the sad incidents of Port Said stadium massacre and the Air Defense stadium massacre.
There was an attempt to make the public return once again but failed when Ahly hardcore fans “Ultras Ahlaway U-7” chanted their famous anti-chants against the police and regime if I remember correctly.
Many members of the famous Ultras Ahlaway group as well Zamalek Ultras White Knights had arrested since then in a restless crackdown.

In May 2018, Ultras Ahlaway of Ahly SC announced that it dissolved itself and some of its members allegedly burned their banner as a symbol of the group.
In late May, Ultras White Knights of Zamalek SC also announced it dissolved itself and the scene of burning their alleged banner repeated again.
In early July, Ultras Green Eagles of Port Said’s Al Masry SC announced too it dissolved its group in a Facebook statement.

Some of the detained Ultras fans and members have been released since the announcements but still there are others who are behind bars like leading figure of Ultras White Knights Siyad El-Moshgab.
Speaking about El-Moshgab, he is currently on a food strike to reject the ill-treatment he receives in prison.
Now the three big major Ultras groups announced that they are dissolving them and still the public cannot watch football matches like normal people in any country !!!

It is sad but I totally understand why the lads in those groups took that decision. Already their existence is in danger to be declared as a terrorist organization thanks to the counter-terrorism law.
“Let the public return to the stadium” has been a slogan for those who want the return of the football fans and no one knows when will happen.
God only knows when the public will return to see local tournaments in Egypt.

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