Monday, January 28, 2019

#Jan28 : The kids have grown up indeed and some of them know what happened

Today is the 8th anniversary of 28 January 2011 aka the Friday of Fury, the true day of the Egyptian revolution when Mubarak’s regime and the whole world knew that that the Egyptian people had enough and could be really angry.

There was nothing celebratory about the revolution because it was all about the French President’s and his visit or rather his presser with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as well as his early statements to the reporters. “Video link

Unprecedently, Emmanuel Macron is the first foreign president to be attacked on Pro-regime TV channels and news websites while he is still visiting Egypt.

I am too tired to speak about what Sisi said or Macron did and why because I spent most of the day in traffic thanks to the trips of France’s first lady Bridgette Macron from the Pyramids Plateau in Giza governorate to Mohamed Ali Mosque in Salahuddin Citadel in Cairo. “From East to West”
The traffic on Monday is terrible already in Cairo and so to have foreign VIP guests means it will be a living hell.

One thing for sure I will say I was happy to see #Mubarak trending once again on 28th January but this time as a benchmark for low freedoms in English.

Another thing, earlier today I found out that a famous tweep and oncologist Heba Khafgy who turned to be a great philanthropist had passed away suddenly and it overshadowed the day for me.
In her 30s, Khafgy was active in helping all kinds of patients, especially cancer patients in very hard economic times whether online or offline. May Allah bless her soul.

The only thing I will share tonight is that post by Adam Ahmed Basyouny, the son of 28th January icon and martyr Ahmed Basyouny.
Here is what he wrote in Arabic. I did not change anything.

On 28 January after we knew that Papa died , we still had hope while searching for him that he would be alive. I knew that Papa went to God , he told me earlier that I would not see him again but we still searched on the hope to see you “his dad” again. I know that I would not see again even before Mama knew.
I love you Papa so much and I wish to see you besides me and I wish to live with you lots of things I and my sister missed when we were small. Thank God on everything , surely you are in a better place than all of us. May Allah accept you in heaven as a martyr and make us meet in heaven inshallah
He was a little boy when his father, a young professor at the faculty of applied arts was shot down during the protests on 28 January 2018.
Adam with his dad late Ahmed Basyouny in 2009
Adam with his dad late Ahmed Basyouny in 2009
According to eyewitnesses, Professor Ahmed Basyouny was shot when he was trying to spot the snippers over the buildings’ rooftops in Tahrir square.
May Allah bless Adam and all the kids that lost their parents in Egypt in the past 8 years.

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  1. Heba Khafagy , passed away !!!I have been following her on twitter , and enjoyed her tweets, her work and her humanity. God Bless her Soul.


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