Friday, February 22, 2019

Sudan Protests : It is a long night in Khartoum !!

Originally I was planning to write a post about the huge protests rocked Algerian streets against Abdel Aziz Bouteflika's candidacy but things have developed too quickly in Khartoum unexpectedly.
In a few minutes or hours, Omar El-Bashir will address the Sudan people and the world announcing huge decisions.
According to news reports and Sudanese officials, those decisions will include his decisions to step down as the head of the ruling National Congress Part and that he will not run in the coming presidential elections to be held later this year.
This is huge.
Those decisions if are taken then they will be the first set of concessions after nearly three months of protests across the country.
The protests had one main demand: Omar El-Bahsir and his regime to step down.

Updated : 

In a speech at the Presidential Sudanese palace, Omar El-Bashir announced that he called the Sudanese parliament to adjourn the discussion into the proposed constitutional amendments "till the end of the national dialogue".
A screenshot from the speech
Those constitutional amendments would allow him to stay for another presidential term.
He also declared the emergency state in the country for one year.
He dissolved the national government and the state governments too depending instead on the army aka Military.

In other words, the military and the army of Sudan are in charge.

Just as the news came that Omar El-Bashir was going to address the Sudanese nation, the Sudanese Professional Association which is one of the independent powers organizing the protests across the country called the public to continue protesting at night.
Earlier Friday, Sudanese protesters held another mass-protests across the country after the Friday protests.

Ironically earlier today I read an Egyptian tweep saying that the Sudanese protesters have got this long patience against El-Bashir and his corrupted rotten regime.
This is an extremely very important update in Sudan.

Friday will be a long night in Khartoum and other states in Sudan. God be with them.

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