Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The mystery of Algiers : Who runs the show in Algeria ?

I am following currently the situation in Algeria as the Algerian people showed since 23 February 2019 their total refusal for current president Abdel Aziz Bouteflika’s candidacy for the presidency for the fifth time despite his ailing health.
In some black comedy reality, Bouteflika is currently in Geneva where he is undergoing “medical checks”.
News reports coming from Europe say the president who suffered a brain stroke in 2013 is currently in a very critical condition.
Bouteflika after the stroke in some public event "EPA"

Yet miraculously and boldly, the man or his team came and admitted his candidacy papers to the elections commission in Algeria angering protesters all over the country to a late hour on Sunday.
His new campaign manager declared his candidacy as his well electoral platform which included the following
  • Organizing a national and independent political dialogue in order to prepare new political, economic and social reforms
  • Drafting a new Algerian constitution.
  • Fighting corruption and marginalization ..to the end of that talk. 
  • Empowering youth
  • Revising the current elections law and founding a new independent elections committee.
  • Holding new presidential elections whose date will be determined by that national dialogue mentioned above and he “Bouteflika” won’t run in it!!!
Now I do not care about all the crap before the last point because I do not understand how logic or sane person would suggest holding new presidential elections after a few months of another presidential election!?
Even from the economic view, I do not know how it is possible !!

Do they think the people stupid? Why do Arab regimes or rulers think that the public are fool !?

Up till this moment, Bouteflika has not addressed his own country people and it is not a surprise.
Now I do not understand something and I hope some Algerian friend will stumble on this post and answer my question.

Algerian army is well known or to be perceived to the be real ruling power in Algeria since the black decade and that civil war between it and the Islamists.

Back in Egypt , we have believed that the Algerian army was using Bouteflika as a civilian puppet to rule the country and according to that theory it would not be hard to get rid of him and find another puppet to run the show especially he won’t live forever and it is not a big secret that his health does not improve.

Now I am reading reports that those who run the show in Algeria are actually Bouteflika’s young brothers. I remember when the infamous clashes happened between Egyptian and Algerian hooligans in Sudan, Saeed Bouteflika’s name was brought up in some rivalry between him and his Mubarak’s sons.

Bouteflika’s brothers are not military but businessmen.

That idea we got about Algeria’s military as an Arab military aka deep state does not say that they give up power to businessmen or civilians, it will be more mutual interest thing sharing power.
Up till now, the protests are being treated peacefully in a way that surprises everyone because I remember how the Algerian security killed the protests movement in 2011 at the same we were ousting Mubarak.

The fact the Algerian state represented in the official state is covering the protests and saying explicitly what the protesters want for real puzzles me.

Is their faction in Algerian deep state that does not want Bouteflika and that’s why it allowed the protest movement to grow peacefully?

Also, I can’t believe for one second that there has not been another civilian man or even military man being prepared as the next president of Algeria since 2013.

Who runs the show in Algeria real? As an Arab, I will be shocked to know that the Algerian military are controlled by the Boutefilkas

This is this mystery of Algiers.

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