Friday, May 10, 2019

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : King Haras Episode 5 "Greed blinds a man"

Good evening or Good afternoon or Good morning where ever you are now and reading this post.
Tonight we will continue our first tale for this year, the tale of King Haras.
To refresh your memory and to know where we stopped, I recommend you go back and hear last night’s episode.
Now without further ado, you can hear to the fifth episode or episode no.184 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

And greed controls the man who decided to poison his 20 slaves for fear that they would turn against him and take over his treasure.

In act of treason, he put the poison in their food killing them all.
The Dervish and the young man by
H.J Ford

Then he heads to the Dervish with the 80 camels to split them between them to transfer the big treasure they found earlier.

on the way, he began to have dark thoughts on why the Dervish would have 40 camels to transfer his share.

When he arrives and they split the treasure and each man takes his share on 40 camels but on the way back things begin to change.

At first, the young man tells the Dervish that 40 camels were too many for him as he does not need them all of them, he will take 10 of them and the Dervish understands what is going on and says okay, he will keep 30 camels.

Then the young man returns back and tells the Dervish that the 30 camels were too many for him as he does not need them all he will take another 10 camels and so the old man will have only 20 camels. The Dervish does not say no.

Again the young man returns back and tells the Dervish that he does not need those 20 camels and he will take them and the Dervish does not say no.
In the end, greed blinds the young man and then tells the Dervish that he will also take that empty glass bottle which he got from the treasure, he will take it whether willingly or violently.

The Dervish gives it to him and tells that he looks into it using his left eye only, he will see all the treasures of the world warning him at the same time not to look into it using his right eye.
First, the young man looks into the empty glass bottle using his left eye and sees the treasures of the world.
Once again greed controls and he decides to look into the bottle using his right eye disobeying the old Dervish again.
Now he pays the price, it is pitch black and he can’t see.
The old Dervish tells him that he lost his sight and that he would take the 80 camels to distribute them on people.

The old Dervish tells our man that starting from that moment and as a punishment for his actions and disrespect to oath and loyalty, he will live the rest of the days as a blind beggar.

Now the King knows the story behind that blind beggar, he tells him to step aside for as it is the turn of that knight who orders his horse to run in a circle all morning.
 We finished the first tale inside a tale for this year. A little remark that the tale of the blind beggar is actually based upon the original Baba Abdullah tale from the Arabian nights’ “Adventures of Harun Al-Rashid.
Personally, I do not recall if I stumbled upon it in the original One Thousand and one nights but it is included in Andrew Lang’s book “Tales from the Arabia nights”.

Maybe it is in the original book in Arabic but with different names. I have to shock the Westerners but the name of “Baba” does not exist in the Arab culture.

Either way, this tale is usually published in Children books because it teaches valuable lessons about loyalty and respect.

Anyhow good night and tomorrow will know a new tale.

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