Friday, May 17, 2019

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : King Haras Episode 12 "Sultan Azad"

Good evening or Good afternoon or Good morning where ever you are now and reading this post.
Tonight we will start a new chapter in this year’s first tale, the tale of King Haras.

To refresh your memory and to know where we stopped, I recommend you go back and hear last night’s episode.
Now without further ado, you can hear to the twelfth episode or episode no.191 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

A Sultan in his palace by Dulac
A Sultan in his palace
by Dulac 
As soon as Azad finished telling his guests his story, the Sultan in disguise told his vizier that he will make their host’s wish true: He will make him a Sultan for one day.

He told his vizier to give him a bottle of sedative substance “Do not wonder why they move around with it !!” to pour it in Azad’s wine glass.

He will fulfill his wish, he will make him a Sultan for one day.

Azad comes with the food and drinks his wine to fall asleep.
When he wakes up, he finds himself the Sultan and he is going to lose his mind.

Tomorrow we will continue the story of Sultan Azad

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