Tuesday, August 6, 2019

National Cancer Institute tragedy : The red wedding

On Sunday, Egypt stayed awake till the early hours of the morning watching a fire that erupted outside the National Cancer Institute “NCI” in Cairo’s Al-Manial island.
It started with big bang and huge fire that was seen from Giza and Garden City.
For several hours, the cause of the huge explosion and fire was not unknown and many news websites close to the current administration reported different contradicting causes of the explosion.
Outside the NCI, the fire following the explosion by Ahmed El-Sheikh
Outside the NCI, the fire following the explosion by Ahmed El-Sheikh
The only information we had then was that not less 18 people were killed and 20 others were injured. The number was increasing while the patients of the NCI were being evacuated.
One of the cancer patients evacuated from NCI in Cairo after the explosion "Getty images" 
By the morning, the death toll increased to 22 and 47 others injured.

It took 18 hours till the Egyptian ministry of interior declared that a car carrying explosive involved in a traffic collision that caused this deadly blast.
The collision and the explosion that rocked happened when that car full of explosive went in the wrong way of the street colliding with other cars, the MOI statement read.

According to the MOI, the explosive-laden car was stolen in Mounfia governorate form a couple of months ago.
The Ministry of interior accused Hasm, the MB-offshoot militant group to stand behind the attack or rather the bombed car and Hasm denied its involvement in the explosion.

Both MB and Hasm are officially designated as terrorist organizations in Egypt
Logically any militant group will deny its involvement in an accident even if it truly planted the car with explosives because it will end any kind of public support it seeks from the public.
The MB affiliated TV channels are now sharing crazy conspiracy theories about how the current regime was standing behind the attack while the regime affiliated TV channels are accusing the MB.

Needless to the official state-TV channels have ignored the tragedy till the early hours of the mornings. The Egyptians had to search for other foreign TV channels to know what was happening in their own country.
It is the usual routine we are used to by now in Egypt.

All this has happened while no one cares to mourn the victims and ask important questions about how by accident a car full of explosive blew up in the heart of Cairo on its way to its target.
Already no one understands why the driver of that bombed car was driving in the wrong way in the first place !!

The CCTV videos showed indeed a car driving in the wrong way colliding with a microbus.
That micro-bus was carrying a bride and a groom as well their relatives on their way back after celebrating their wedding.

They never reached their destination and instead, their poor working-class’ neighborhood is mourning them.

It was a red wedding where 20 people including the bride and the groom killed in the explosion.
Those 16 people are making me sad more than anything, the wedding that turned in to a memorial service.

Those people were trying to have few moments in happiness but fate has something else to say.
A father transferring his sick son from NCI following the explosion outside the NCI
"Jonathan Rashad" 
Egypt’s oldest cancer educational hospital, the NCI is a place of associated of human tragedies and poverty where the extreme poor head from faraway places to the big scary capital in their battle against a deadly disease searching for a cure.
A lady hugging her sick son while being evacuated from the NCI following the blast
"Jonathan Rashad" 
Millions were treated for free in that place.
The NCI was not glitzy as new cancer hospitals, in fact, it was neglected for years and survived on donations to make it continue its work.

Tragedies happen everywhere but it is hard to happen and to ignore when it happens in your home.

TO the innocent souls that lost on that night including that newlywed couples and friends, May Allah bless your souls and have mercy on ours 

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