Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Farewell elephant Naema : Egypt’s Giza zoo loses one of its stars

Egypt’s Giza zoo declared on Monday that its famous elephant Naema passed away.
According to news reports, Giza Zoo’s only remaining African elephant passed away after possibly having a  stroke on Sunday evening.
African elephant in Egypt's Giza zoo
Late Naema in 2013 in Giza Zoo
Dr. Mohamed Ragae, the head of Giza Zoo told Masrawy that “Naema” fell on the ground and refused to eat her evening meal adding that she fell due to a sudden heart stroke which her old body could not resist.
Naema was not only the remaining African elephant in Giza Zoo but she was also the remaining elephant our famous Zoo had.
Giza Zoo used to have an Asian elephant called Karima that arrived from a couple of years ago.
Strangely I knew on Monday that she passed away from three years ago !!
 I do not think that Giza Zoo will get any elephant soon considering its financial resources, not to mention African elephants are considered vulnerable animals now.
Naema was among the stars of the Zoo, thousands visited her cage on a weekly basis.
I saw her when I visited the Zoo in November 2013 with a group of friends and I was shocked and sad after seeing her.
African elephant in Egypt's Giza zoo
Old Naema in 2013
Naema was so sad and old in her old cage.

African elephant in Egypt's Giza zoo
Namea's eyes told a lot 

She looked so fragile.
I am not an expert in animals, let alone wild animals or elephants but I felt she needed more care and companionship in her captivity in Giza.
When I think about , that lonely African elephant saw from her cage millions of Egyptians from all generations, from all governorates, from all classes and religions.

African elephant in Egypt's Giza zoo
Children and adults too used to feed Naema, the famous African elephant

My mom and my aunt remember that Giza zoo used to allow visitors to ride Naema for a stroll inside the zoo in the past.

Giza zoo is considered the first and oldest zoo in Africa and the Middle East. Currently, it is struggling but let’s say it is now better than from a decade ago.

The elephant house in Egypt's Giza zoo
The famous elephant House is empty now 
This is where Namea and other elephants lived in the famous Giza Zoo. The elephants House used to attract visitors from all ages for real. It was always full.

The elephant house in Egypt's Giza Zoo
The famous elephats house from outside 
Back to Naema.
Dear Naema,
Thanks for the happiness you brought to millions of Egyptians while in your captivity.
I know you are in a better place now, free at last.

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