Wednesday, December 25, 2019

We wish Merry Christmas and please Remember Jesus was born in Palestine

Merry Christmas from Egyptian Chronicles to all those celebrating tonight around the globe.
Merry Christmas and I hope that if you are celebrating Christmas that you remember that Jesus Christ (PBUH) was born in Bethlehem, Palestine.
Here is a little piece of art that will remind you of that regardless of what Trump and co. say.
Nativity in modern Palestine's Bethlehem
Nativity in modern Palestine's Bethlehem
This modern nativity set depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph at the infamous apartheid wall built by Israel.
British artist Banksy unveiled that piece of art at Bethlehem’s The Walled Off Hotel. 

Banksy reminds the world that Christianity was born in Palestine.
The nativity set at Walled off Hotel
The set on display at the hotel 
The set on display at the hotel 
FYI, Christian Palestinians from Gaza were not allowed to go to West Bank to Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas by the Israeli security forces.

Again Merry Christmas 


  1. Thank you Zee, and Happy Holidays to you too.

  2. We stayed at the Ritz of Palestine once years ago. That was on the east side? of Jerusalem. That was also the year we visited Bethlehem (a side trip from Egypt) Sorry to hear Gazans aren't allowed to travel.

  3. Jesus was born in Judea. There was no such thing as Palestine then. He was a jewish man. Jew, jew, jew, jew, whether you, jew baiter, like it or not.

  4. Jesus was Jewish.

    And the land was called Judea at that time.


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