Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year from Egyptian Chronicles

Happy New year from Egyptian Chronicles to you.

May all your dreams come true
Happy New year from Egypt's Wahat 
Taken in 2019 at Bawiti in the heart of Al Wahat Al Baharia in the Western desert. Stay tuned for more of adventures and chronicles 


  1. Happy New Year to Egypt! I Watched the FB Video from Egypt last night for fireworks over the Pyramids. It was spectacular....On "Egypt Cradle of Civilization" site link:[0]=68.ARC00XQqLnPsxgGGsBV20KAESlmZcRRVMpJIUksXM-kzw6JP1B9yBPAERurA_vCbN5H5a_qTPCjGizWqlD6giSxLJT7_2oqPlpgRXmywhGo77VZKw0JZpjd7fxkxnMQXZEnDrQA64SLmawodKCIKW2cCwAz9IAhaUu7m2pqZGSBQW1KF-2Q6NKJdfrUaa6t4wPwWZb6_zi13oWiETcYOQAauATWIR9G2Xysh80sIFCcitMBUHD6MFp1PJa0QgXlMML27n9AyPeEiJY9mEzjr8TLElTb2rFht9edUYPcKdi3jT8LRjlqWFzqHZlY_CIwlkqKcnd1IZ2CiKt62pxvF0OIfKeKP4-pF

    1. Thanks dear Deb :)) Happy new year to you too :D :D


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