Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Chronicles of Pandemic in Egypt and Mideast

Updated on 3/25/2020

I am going to leave this post pinned because I am tired honestly of writing posts when I depend mainly on live blogging. Below is the live blogging app, follow it for the latest news concerning Corona in Egypt, the Middle East Region and Africa. Stay at home and stay safe.


It is our daily post with all the updates from here and there.
On Monday, the main issue that was the talk of the town or rather the country was the news about the two senior Egyptian military men who passed away because of Coronavirus.
There is increasing talk as well as a demand for a curfew-like in other countries including our Arab neighbors.
Sensitizing mummies sections at the Egyptian museum of Cairo
Sensitizing mummies sections at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
According to recent official statements, we have not reached this stage yet that needs a curfew.
Nevertheless, the rumors do not want to stop at all.
Either way, here is the live update.

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