Saturday, March 21, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day 2020 : To the ladies wearing white and yellow in hospitals #Stayathome

A message from a doctor telling people to stay at home
A message from a doctor telling people to stay at home
On Saturday Egypt and the rest of the Arab World celebrate Mother’s Day. On Saturday, millions of Egyptians are celebrating millions of great women just as spring is officially starting. Unfortunately, there are no big celebrations or big presents or outings as expected but it is more of an online

On this day and during this current hard time worldwide, I dedicate this post and I bend the knee to all those ladies who left their homes and children staying in hospitals fighting Coronavirus epidemic as much as I can.

All respect to those ladies whether they are in Egypt or Italy or Iran or China or Spain or New York or the UK.

All love, support and prayers.

In Egypt, our doctors and nurses wear white robes and Yellow protective suits.
Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful ladies around the globe.
Young ICU nurses at the Quarantine hospital in Ismailia
Please stay at home for the sake of all those beautiful ladies whether grandmothers or mothers.

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