Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2020 : Tale of King Magedwon “ A Doomed Hunting Trip” Ep.4

Good evening,
Tonight we will continue our tale for this year, the Take of King Magedwon.
I won’t speak a lot this time.
But I will ask you to refresh your mind and remember where we have stopped last night.
Now without further ado listen to the 736th episode in the Egyptian State’s One Thousand and One Nights or the Fourth night in our tale for the year 2020, the tale of King Magedwon after the break.

Prince Karim is on a hunting trip and he does not know that wicked Mawood, Vizier Shamdon’s assistant is plotting for his murder.
An illustration from the Book of the Shahnameh  in Persia Circa 16th Century
An illustration from the Book of the Shahnameh
in Persia Circa 16th Century 
Mawood seizes the opportunity when Karim is alone while hunting down dear and tries to kill him using a bow and arrow.
He misses the first time and Karim spots him but Mawood introduces himself as a commoner who is honoured to accompany the Prince in his hunting trip as the other companions spread in the wild leaving the Crown Prince alone in the wild.

Mawood tries again to kill using archery and again he misses but his arrow hits Karim’s horse who has got no more arrows to defend himself.

Karim does not understand why a stranger wants to kill him like that. He offers him money but no use. Karim begins to run in the wild in the hope to find his hunting trip’s friends but fails.
Mawood has got an advantage, he got a horse and arrows.

Karim falls in a deep well and screams for help. Wicked Mawood hears him and screams back claiming to get help.

The help is actually a big rock the vizier’s assistant pushes till it closes down the opening of the well.
Meanwhile, Princess Yasmine feels that there is something wrong, something bad is going to happen but her mother-in-law tells her not to worry.

Karim’s mother will know shortly that her daughter-in-law is actually right.
Tomorrow night we will know. 

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