Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2020 : Tale of King Magedwon “ The Murder” Ep.3

Here we are on the third night of our Radio Arabian Nights this year.
We will continue our tale for this year, the tale of King Magedwon.
First of all, You can refresh your mind with what happened last night here.

Second, I will speak a bit before sharing tonight’s episode.
If you are an Arabic speaker or understand Arabic well, you will notice our tale this year is fully narrated in Classical Arabic so far.
Already I believe that this was among the main differences between One Thousand and One Nights Radio show’s writers Taher Abu Fasha and Abbas Al-Aswani.
It seems to me that Abu Fasha was using a mix between Classical Arabic “Scheherazade” and Egyptian dialect “The heroes of tales”.
While Abbas Al-Aswani was using Classical Arabic only.

Okay enough talk and listen to the 735th episode in the Egyptian State’s One Thousand and One Nights or the Third night in our tale for the year 2020, the tale of King Magedwon after the break.

Wicked Shamdwan’s assistant pulls a dagger and he stabs the famous astrologer Bakhityshou in his shoulder in order to force him to say why King Magedwan summoned him and what he told the King.
Due to the pain and the threats, Bakhityshou gives up and told wicked Shamdon that King Magedwon after ten days.

A King's Court by Leon Carre
A King's Court by Leon Carre
Magedwon orders his assistant wicked Mawood to kill Bakhityshou
Meanwhile, King Magdwon in his palace tells his wife that he is going to let his son marries his cousin Yasmine.

Yasmine and Karim are married and bring happiness to the Kingdom.

We know from their talk that Yasmine lost her mother than her father in a big war. That’s why she seems to be so concerned with the future and fears losing her closest ones.

Back to King Magedwon’s court, the fair King is shocked to know that Bakhityshou was killed. Ironically, he orders his vizier Shamdwan to investigate personally the crime. Little he knew.

In his place, Shamdwon orders his assistant to killed Karim El-Din as the later is going on a hunting trip.

Mawood goes in disguise stalking from behind the prince and starts to load this bow to target him but then…
Tomorrow inshallah we know what has happened.
Good night.

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