Saturday, April 25, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : First week of Ramadan in Egypt during COVID-19 era “Live Updated”

Kids running with a lantern wearing
a mask by Ashraf El-Omda 
It is the second day in the Holy Month of Ramadan and the first week of Islam’s most important month in Egypt.

We start the week with an increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the country.

Egypt started the week with over 4,000 cases including 294 fatalities and 1075 fully recovered patients.

The Egyptian government says that it was depending on the awareness of the public as it loosens up its partial curfew, which it started since Mid-March.

It is a very challenge because Ramadan in Egypt means social gatherings 24 hours whether in religious activity or leisure activity.

Anyhow below is a live update blogging from 24. Be safe and stay at home plz.

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