Saturday, May 23, 2020

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2020 : Tale of King Magedwon “The King ” EP.29 & EP.30

Good evening,

Here we are with the final night of our Radio Arabian Nights for this year.
We will conclude our tale for this year, the tale of King Magedwon and I hope that you like it.
First of all, You can refresh your mind with what happened last night here.

Tonight we will have a double bill; two episodes to celebrate the finale of this year’s tale.
Now without further ado listen to the 761st  episode in the Egyptian State’s One Thousand and One Nights or the 29th   night in our tale for the year 2020, the tale of King Magedwon after the break.

Saafan is holding a meeting with the High Judge at the Judge’s House when they found someone knocking on the door. Saafan tells the judge to hide on the roof to see who was there. They are worried that he is someone from Shamdwon’s men. Saafan opens the door to find the young son of
the late chamberlain telling him that a Young man and woman suddenly appeared at his house asking for his father.

“After knowing that he passed away, they wanted to see the high Judge.” He tells his uncle Saafan adding the man and the woman were waiting at the street to enter the house.
Saafan goes with the boy to meet the couple. He does not know them but he feels that they came for something urgent.
He invites them in and goes to get the High Judge to meet them.
Meanwhile, Shamdwon is preparing for his marriage from Lady Shamadan

Episode 30 

Now without further ado listen to the 762nd episode in the Egyptian State’s One Thousand and One Nights or the 30th night in our tale for the year 2020, the tale of King Magedwon.

The high judge was hiding in the empty house beside his house for fear that those guests are Shamdwon’s men.
He goes with Saafan to meet the young man and the woman. At first, he does not recognizes Karim El-Din but when he pays attention, he knows him.

 It is prince Karim, the real heir of Magedwon’s throne.
Back to at the palace, Shamdwon holds a big wedding and just before he marries Shamadan; the High Judge with Karim and Yasmine make a dramatic entrance that scares the shit of him.
Shamdwon who planned a lot now sees Karim alive and with him Yasmine. In another dramatic move, he goes to a window in the castle and throws himself to his ultimate death.

As soon as Shamdwon dies, the spell is broken and suddenly Karim sees the two dogs turning into Samer and his mother Wardshan.
At last Karim El-Din becomes the King and he marries his beloved Yasmine. They have three children and they live happily ever after .

That’s it folks for this Ramadan’s tale.
Next year inshallah we will have a new tale .. wait for it. 

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