Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Happy 6th October war anniversary

 Happy 6th October war anniversary from Egyptian Chronicles to all Egyptians as well as Arabs who remember this day and respect the sacrifices to our heroes who died for the sake of our land and dignity. 

October 73 Yom Kippur Newspapers headlines in Egypt
"Our forces control completely the front" and "The exchange of POWs and injured starts"
said Al-Akhbar in October 1973

This is the issue of Al-Akhbar Daily was speaking about how Saudi Arabia stopped exporting oil declaring the famous oil embargo. 

October 73 Yom Kippur Newspapers headlines in Egypt
Saudi Arabia suspends the export of oil, said Al-Akhbar Daily then 

All the oil-exporting Arab countries followed Saudi Arabia's steps and it was the first and last time Arab countries used oil for their own benefit and best interest thanks to King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Many believe in the Arab world that he paid the price for that two years later and was assassinated for that particular reason later. 

May our fallen heroes on that day rest in power and peace. 

You can read about Al-Azbakeya Market here. 

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