Sunday, November 8, 2020

Concerning Trump , Biden and the Middle East

Trump’s presidency was actually a reality TV show from the beginning, thus it was natural to have this ending the world is currently watching.

I am happy that Trump is gone and honestly it is a good radiance in 2020. Yes, Biden is not the greatest choice but this is what has got. 

Donald Trump will go in history as one of the most demagogue chauvinist racist misogynist populist presidents the world has seen in the 21st century.

Trump’s true danger was making demagogue racist populist far-right the new normal after being “Far”.

He is the President of the United States, what else those guys need.

For four years, misinformation and truly fake news were normal in the social media and believe me if I tell as Arabs we know what misinformation and propaganda mean first hand.

It is God’s mercy that Trump stopped right now and his cronies like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon are stopped before creating more chaos in time of the coronavirus and what followed.

Already in case, you do not know but coronavirus is reshaping the world for real.

We, as world population can’t afford now having far-right Nazis in the command of the West once again.    

I hate to say it but the world needs balance again

Not only Joe Biden and his administration will spend time in healing the wounds Trump created, but the world will also have some time to heal.

That Far-right nationalist tsunami has to be stopped before drowning us all.

Another point I want to speak about.

Trump is not a friend of Egypt as some claim or believe or think. Trump is ultra-Zionist who recognized occupied Golan Heights as part of Israel and occupied East Jerusalem as part of Israel’s unified capital in defiance to the UN security council resolutions.

Trump blackmailed Sudan to normalize the relations with Israel in the most disgusting way.

These are not actions of a true friend of Egypt or the Egyptians.

Let alone in politics and international relations, it is about interests.

Egypt’s best interests are not in Trump or rather Jared Kushner’s ultra-Zionist agenda.

FYI, Donald Trump is friendlier to Turkey’s Tayyab Erdogan and actually a word in the block that there are business deals between Trump boys and Erdogan boys.

Now concerning Biden and democracy in Egypt or destroying Egypt with plots

From two days ago, Political analyst and academic Dr.Moataz Abdel Fattah appeared on TV telling Egyptians “Biden will play in our ears and noses but he won’t make the MB return” asserting that the Egyptians should be alarmed by Biden because he is a democrat.

I just can’t even imagine using this phrase “playing in our ears and noses” in any context, let alone TV.

I won’t comment on the level of ignorance and the level of misinformation shared in our Egyptian media especially on TV.

Fox News was more honest and less biased than some channels in the Egyptian mainstream media.

I do not know but I and others who lived the January 25 revolution remember till now how Obama administration was standing with Mubarak changing sides when the tide was too high and we even found some people claiming that Obama’s speech was the inspiration of the revolt, not a long struggle since 2005 and harsh economic and political reasons !!

Hell, Joe Biden had once said “Mubarak was the US alley and no a dictator but people have the right to protest” right after 25 January 2011.

This was aired on 27 January 2011.

I and others are still alive and we are tired, truly tired of seeing history being rewritten in front of our eyes.

I remember the famous words of John Kerry when he said the MB stole the revolution and how those “kids in Tahrir” were not motivated by religion or ideology. I can’t deny that I hate that word “Kids”.

Needless to say, after years of media feeding people lies about Obama and the Democrats as well as Hilary dining with MB leaders day and night, many Egyptians think that any Democrat US administration is going to destroy Egypt !!

Mubarak did not fall because of Obama or the Democrats but because of his policies over nearly 30 years.

Now concerning the new president-elect, I do not expect things will be different and actually, I know that the current Egyptian administration will know how to deal with Biden administration especially when it comes to two files “Palestine/peace process” and “Turkey”.

That's it for now because I am so tired of following the US presidential race and its votes count drama. 


  1. about Trump. It is not true that he demagogue racist populist far-right. All these lies have been hammered into people by the left-wing media for more than 4 years. He tried to fight the corrupt upper-class in the United States and the media. But covid 19 ruined everything. Without him, millions of false Biden ballots would not have helped them.

  2. BTW: That was by far my most favorite trip to Egypt (out of 8 or 10 of them), in March of 2011 to congratulate my young friends in Alexandria at the Library inside and out on the outing of Mubarek. I was so happy for them, we made a special trip just to celebrate with them.

    And yes, President Obama took a LOT of flack for standing up for the young people then too, with his own countrymen. 1/2 of our country stands with demagoguery like trump. Thankfully, there are 6 million more who do not!


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