Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Winter is here : Hail, rain and thunderstorm in Great Cairo

Winter is officially in Great Cairo, we have just had a hail storm and thunderstorm.

At Mid-day Wednesday, probably there were million Egyptian mothers screaming at the same time “The laundry” in Great Cairo area horrified that the laundry they left to dry in the balconies would be soaked wet.

Those mothers head after the quick rescue mission to the kitchens to make hot lentil soap, the unofficial meal of Egyptians when it rains.

In Downtown Cairo by Ahmed Hassan

But it was not like any rain because it is more of a hail storm accompanied by a thunderstorm.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority has already warned a couple of days ago but not all people like to listen or read the weather forecast.

Nevertheless, I follow the EMA yet it did not warn us about all that hail.

In Downtown Cairo by Ahmed Hassan 

Many people in Cairo and Giza say that they have not seen it before but I do remember seeing hail even bigger in size. 

Now schools and universities are suspended in several governorates including Cairo and Giza.

The streets are flooded once again and it is not a surprise at all.

Please drive safe those couple of days.

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